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Social Media Optimization for TypePad Integrated in TypePad

Last week we added a cool new feature to TypePad: real-time stats.

Now, when you share you new posts on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed, TypePad automatically shortens your post URLs using the service. For example, a blog title like can be shortened to so it can be easily shared on Twitter.

And now you can get statistics on how often those links are clicked directly from your TypePad blog overview.

To see how this feature works, sign in to the All New TypePad and check the stats for your blog. Below the traffic graph you’ll see a new link:


Click the link and you’ll see a page of real-time clickthrough stats on posts that you’ve shared with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. Click on the URL for each of the entries for more detailed stats directly from


NOTE: If you haven't shared any posts on Twitter, Facebook or FriendFeed, then you won't see any stats. If you're not sharing your posts with your friends, it's really easy to set up.  Check out the TypePad Knowledge Base for detailed instructions.

We need your feedback to make this feature better! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Account Deleted

This is great to get rid of long url's. Thanks Typepad!

Mark Simmons

One quick clarification: TypePad will still have the long URLs because they are helpful for your search engine optimization.

The short URLs are additional and will be used for sharing your post on services like Twitter that have limited character counts.

You'll still have your long, descriptive URLs for search and human readability.


Account Deleted

thanks for clarifying Mark :) Either way, its all good for me. You really never fail to give your customers more convenience. Your SEO rocks! I can really see my contents being index on SERP particularly google.

I have a suggestion though with regards to Typepad's stats metrics for our blogs. I think it would be great if the stats metrics doesn't count our own page views. Yeah, i know there's already google analytics integration with Typepad but i think it would be a lot better if you can provide us that feature without having to use google analytics :)

A Twitter User

I agree. I would like to have it not count my own page views, too.

Manu Sood

Awesome! I am just about to backup my email newsleter with a limited edition print one to ensure that the right people are reading it. In the print letter I will have a check box next to the address of the news items thus driving offline readers to my website. These are high value and very valuable to advertisers.

Account Deleted

Is there a way to put in my key to integrate into the bit.y analytics?

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