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Favorite Blogs: Mowielicious

B&W200x200 We asked one of our favorite bloggers, Mowie from Mowielicious about his new food blog, his favorite bloggers, and how his blog has changed his life.

How long have you been blogging with TypePad?
- Almost a year now.

What led you to choose TypePad as a blogging platform?

- I'd been a fan of many other blogs, some by TypePad, they all looked really good, so I tried it along with a few other platforms, but I was most comfortable with TypePad - it was the most user-friendly for me.

Are there some cross-posts (so to speak) with your former blog and your new blog?

- I started out blogging about everything really, then moved on to travel, then restaurant recommendations, until I finally started food styling and food photography which finally feels like a perfect fit. I can't imagine doing anything else now with my life. Blogging has led me to start a portfolio, and hopefully I can use the blog as a platform to new & exciting things. I've already had a few offers for entrepreneurs opening restaurants, brides to be, and a couple of magazines, all that have seen and loved the photos on Mowielicious and wanting me to take photos for them. Who knows what's next around the corner.

What’s your favorite comment/interaction from someone new you’ve had through your blog?

- Being able to meet fascinating and amazingly creative new people, but there was one in specific where we just developed an amazing rapport from the start and have remained friends ever since!

Who are your favorite TypePad bloggers?
- A Creative Mint
- Ohlala Mag
- n-judah love song  ;-)

Thanks, Mowie!


Account Deleted

Indeed a very delicious blog. Mouth watering. Typepad really make dreams into reality. I couldn't more agree with what you said about typepad being the most user friendly blogging platform :) Well cheers on your success Mowie. More power to you.


Mmm, yummy! Great profile. I love this blog!

Account Deleted

Hello Michele, i visited your blog and its somewhat related to Mowie's. You also have a great blog with a delicious bite. Yum:)

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