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Making it easier to find TypePad Bloggers

When we announced the Follow feature a while back, Shannan Sinclair of Original Bliss commented:

Untitled “I like it. I just wish it was easier to search Typepad for blogs I am interested in and could "follow."”



Introducing the TypePad Profile module, another way we're making it easier to follow your favorite TypePad bloggers and discover what they're posting, commenting about, and interested in around the web. See ours on the right hand side of this blog - it looks just like this:


follow TypePad on our profile


If you spot the TypePad Profile module on a blog, you know they're a TypePad member. Just click the "Follow Me" button and follow that blogger's activity on your TypePad dashboard.




More Followers = More Readers

Adding the TypePad Profile module will help increase your readers in two ways. First, people who follow your profile are more likely to visit your blog on a regular basis. When you post to your blog, a link to your post will appear on the dashboard of everyone who follows you. This teaser link will drive more visits to your post.


But Follow has an extra benefit also. When Shannan comments on Mark’s blog, Shannan’s comment appears on the dashboard of everyone following Mark. Shannan’s comment is a way to tell everyone in Shannan’s extended network, “Hey, there’s good blogging going on over at Mark’s. Come check it out!” Think of your followers not as a status symbol (OK, it *can* be) but more, a way to help others find good content: your blog, and blogs you comment on.


Add “Follow Me” TypePad Profile module to your blog

It’s easy to add this fun feature. To add the TypePad Profile button to your blog just click "Design" and then in "Content Selection", you can pick the "TypePad Profile" button. It's a cool way to showcase your profile in your sidebar, too.


You can even customize how you want this to appear - you can show your number of followers, even customize the text and background color.


Add it to your blog and let us know

So this is the first of many steps to help make great TypePad bloggers and the community easier to search and discover.

Help Shannan and others find and follow you. Add the TypePad Profile module to your blog and let us know in the comments so others can follow you and your blog.

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