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Easy, instant invoicing from your TypePad blog, with FreshBooks

More and more small businesses are using their TypePad blogs as their sole web presence. That makes perfect sense now that you can combine a static Page with a horizontal navigation bar to achieve a more "website" look and feel. A visitor to your site cannot tell the difference.

While we want to provide as many tools as we can to make your business a success, we can't build them all ourselves. What we can do is make using other tools, in conjunction with your TypePad blog, easier  via widget integration

When was the last time you checked out the widget gallery? We have tons of great 3rd party functionality ready to go with a few clicks. Make sure you visit the new "Small Business" category.

One great example is FreshBooks, the online invoicing and billing service. If you haven't heard about these guys, we can highly recommend them. We use FreshBooks to help us invoice our Blog Tune Up customers and it works a treat, as you can see in the screen shot below

Freshbooks widget on TypePad services page .

Today we announced an integration with FreshBooks that will allow you to capture customer information from your blog that is entered directly into your FreshBooks account as a new client. Gathering leads on your blog is a great way to engage your visitors and manage that relationship through to a sale. We have found this widget has saved us a great deal of time and effort, and has actually helped us close sales more effectively.

The integration has been made possible by FormSpring, who provide forms that can link to your FreshBooks account as well as other useful services like SalesForce, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor and many more.

To learn more about this exciting integration visit the TypePad widget gallery.


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