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Got a special request? TypePad One Services can help you too!

Most of the advertising and promotion for TypePad One Services, including here at Everything TypePad, has been on the Power Launch and Tune-Up Services. These are our most popular offerings, week in and week out, and are the best choice if you would like someone to review your blog and let you know how to make it better.

Sometimes, however, you may need help with something specific and your request goes beyond the scope of standard technical support. TypePad One Services can help you here too!

Some of the custom services we have provided in the past include:

  • Creation of banner image and custom design theme to match
  • Migration of blog and design to TypePad from another service
  • Extensive coding work for Advanced Templates
  • Match blog design to existing design of company or organization website

If you have a special request along these lines - or for something else not listed here - please contact us and we will evaluate your request and provide you with an estimate and quote.

And stay tuned for more information about our design services in the coming weeks and months.


Account Deleted

Please help me get back to the old typepad...I really hate this one. I only clicked on it to "try" it as it I can't get back...and I'm very upset about it. Kate~

Teresa Hiles

I use my blog for my 4th grade students and parents. I have had several parents to complain that they are getting my blog a day late. Any way that you can help resolve this problem?
Teresa Hiles

john smith

i am having problems .i do not know how to set up every thing. so people can get on my blog


Hello. When I add other blogs to my typelist it only shows a ceratin amount listed on the page even though I have chosen to display 100. How do I change that? I want to see all the ones I list right on my blog and not on another page.

Many thanks.

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