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Movin’ On Up: TypePad News and Release Notes

This is a big milestone week for TypePad: we have a huge new group of people who are on the All New TypePad. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be moving people over in groups, and collecting your feedback. If you’re ready to try it now, we encourage you to click the big yellow button and check it out.

LoveIt - Kisha

We’ve had a few questions, so we wanted to address them here.

First, the new TypePad has been out of beta for months, and we’ve been through months of real-world testing. All of the new enhancements mentioned below are for the new TypePad. If you want the new features on a great new application, it’s time to move on up.

Second, we have had a lot of people asking if they can move to the new version. We’ve made it easier to move with the big yellow button.


And finally, yes, the old application will be retired soon. In order to continue moving forward, we need to focus our energy on one application, one support system, knowledge base article, etc. We’ve already begun moving full steam ahead on cool updates to the new version, and we’re excited about what we have in store. (Want a sneak peek? Check out this week’s beta-only features.)

We’ve heard from some of the early adopters of the new TypePad that the new design took a little bit of getting used to, but after a day or two, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 


We want everyone to have as much time as possible to kick the tires, too. The sooner you move, the longer you’ll have to get comfortable, and to see all the awesome new features we’ve got that you asked for. You’ll still be able to switch back to the old version for a while, but in a few weeks, everyone will be moved over.

Speaking of new features, how about some? While the big stuff is still in beta, we did release some new improvements, thanks to your suggestions and feedback.

Reply to comments via email
Now you have the choice to either reply to your comments and have your reply post as a followup straight to your blog, or to reply to commenters directly via email. We’re still improving how this experience works, but it’s a feature a ton of people asked for, so we’re excited about how it’s shaping up.

Improved comment experience


Based on some impressive performance on the beta blogs, we have added a few popular social web icons -- TypePad, Facebook, and Twitter -- on the comment forms. We tested this design in beta for a few weeks and saw a dramatic increase in the commenting activity. By encouraging people to sign in and become a “real” person, we have seen a significant increase in comments.

Easier Google Analytics set up
One way to improve your understanding of your readers is by adding sophisticated web analytics services. We’ve integrated Google Analytics, one of the most popular free services. Just tell us your Google Analytics code, and we’ll update all the pages and posts on your blog.

Not fancy, but cool
Did you know we find customer questions in all sorts of places? Twitter, blog posts, Facebook, coffee shops, and family get togethers – everyone’s got questions! We’ve added a few features to our customer support system to help us handle these questions faster and more effectively. We focused on things like improved workflow for our TypePad One team, as well as better tracking when we find issues and questions. The goal: getting your answers faster so you can spend spending more time doing what you love doing.

Thank you
Thanks, as always, for your feedback to help make TypePad the better. In addition to these features, we fixed over 25 customer-specific bugs.


Bernie Goldbach

I really appreciate the way the Typepad team is trying to stay abreast the latest developments in social media while keeping the platform safe from malicious hackers.

Account Deleted

Glad you added Twitter and Facebook logins for comments. :-)


Wow, Google Analytics integration! :-)

Account Deleted

You're absolutely right Bernie. I really love how typepad cares for their customers. Giving us the latest trends that would make our blogging experience easier, convenient and more intimate. It also benefits our audience giving them total freedom. And like what you said, they've managed it while keeping it safe from hackers. Typepad rocks!

Bernie Goldbach

Sampaguita, I should have disclosed that during the course of my six years with Typepad, I've had two separate Wordpress installations compromised because I failed to pay attention to the need for constant patching. I can ignore Typepad's architecture, even with my malformed custom templates, and not be worried. I think the blogging world fails to appreciate how important that stability really is.

Mark Simmons

I'm glad you like the Google Analytics integration. We have more in the works to help make your site analytics experience better.

Vicki  Welsh

How are you coming along at fixing the comments so that the old options works as well? It still doesn't work for Gmail and the Gmail signature block doesn't display either. I think you should put it back the way it was and make commenting to the blog the option.

Account Deleted

Definitely true Bernie. Typepad gives us total peace. They handle the complicated ones giving us more time to focus on writing and marketing our blog. I even love how typepad do the SEO. I got a couple of articles index on SERP because of it. What amazed me is that, i didn't even spend lots of time on choosing the best keywords for those articles but still it appears on SERP.

I know wordpress is a good platform but the problem with wordpress is that its an open source, making it vulnerable to hackers. And also, you need to do constant plug.in installation, patching etc. Lots of work to do. You're right. Stability is really important and typepad has it.

Account Deleted

Hello from Bangkok, Thailand

I've already sent a message to you guys but wanted to say it on here too - I love, love, love the new Typepad. It looks fabulous, it's much easier to find things and it works perfectly.

Keep up the good work Typepad programmers. You guys rock!

David A. Porter


I am radically in love with giving my readers the ability to sign in, with their own desired identity, and make comments on my blog.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You guys rock!


Things are looking much better. I noticed, however, that now all comment name links are do-follow, whereas they used to be automatic no-follow with the old setup. I prefer the no-follow configuration and wish there was a way to choose one or the other in the blog settings.


Maybe because I haven't changed over is because I like it the way it is. However, today I looked at it and cannot figure how to go back. Maybe now I am "officially" changed over at no choice.

Account Deleted

Hello Nana, good day to you. If you want to switch back to the old typepad, you can find the function to do that on your dashboards footer. Honestly, i've been a loyal with the old typepad but when i tried new typepad. Things get a lot better for me and I'm loving it. :) please give it a try.


"We’ve heard from some of the early adopters of the new TypePad that the new design took a little bit of getting used to, but after a day or two, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."
I realise that you have to blow your own horn here but let's be honest. There are many of us who didn't like - and still don't like - the changes. I for one am dreading the day I get moved over for good, as I ran away from this 'improved' platform as fast as I possibly could because, in my opinion, it failed miserably to live up to the hype.

Account Deleted

Hello there Geo, well i guess that's the reason why there is a "switch back function" for those who prefer the old typepad and also the "switch to the new typepad" for those who wants to experience something new. Honestly also, there is really no problem with both "the old typepad" and "the new typepad" as i've tried them. Its just really on to us to decide which one we find most convenient using. Typepad is only giving us more options which they think would benefit us and our blogging experience. After all, you can't please everybody.

Mark Simmons

Hello, Vicki.

We're still working on the Gmail "reply to" issue. Gmail handles things differently -- and differently for different browser/operating system combinations -- and we're trying to figure the best way to get it working for everyone.

Thanks for your patience, and for letting us know initially about the problem.

Mark Simmons

Hello, Geo.

The reason we're focused on the new platform is so we can continue to make improvements and roll out new features as fast as possible. I know you've suggested some improvements in the past, so I wanted to give you an update on a couple of the items. (These changes all refer to the new TypePad.)

The full screen mode bug that you experienced should now be fixed.

Regarding image handling, we have just released to the Beta team a new way to handle images, video and text. We are looking for their feedback to help improve the user experience of image handling as well as improve the overall functionality.

Thanks for the suggestions.


I have a one request for the email reply comments.

When I reply to a person directly I like to quote part of the email, but I can't do that with this new system. I used to highlight the section I wanted to quote and hit reply and their email address would appear in the to field. Now if I click on their name a blank email appears and the email doesn't recognize that I've highlighted any text to include as a quote.

I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear, but I'm hoping that can be worked in to the improvements in email replys. I really like being able to reply in an email straight to the blog. That works beautifully.


Hi laanba! We're working on improving how the reply-via-emails work. We'll update yall here once we have some news. :)

Glad you're liking it so far, though!

serge the concierge

I removed the 'google analytics' typelist with code and instead put my 'analytics code' as you suggested.

Do you guys need to do anything on your end so the Stats stay current?



Luci Weston

Mark, I'm a bit confused. I used GA as a typelist in the old platform. Is this still current or do I have to do something with the GA info again on the new platform? Was I wrong to think it transferred over and has been uninterrupted in collecting data?

Mark Simmons

You should be all set. The new Google Analytics placement on the stats page will automatically put the tracking code on your posts and pages.


Mark Simmons

Hello, Luci.
Your Google Analytics TypeList will still work and data collection will not be interrupted.

The new method for adding Google Analytics is for people who don't want to create a TypeList to add stats or for people who don't want to manage Analytics in their TypeList.


Luci Weston

Okay, good news, thanks for the clarification.

serge the concierge


Thanks for reassurance on G Analytics

Is there a post or tutorial from someone on your great team about 'How to include Ad Space in the Banner' in plain English?

And before I forget, what happened to the Blackberry App for Typepad?

Bon week-end



I agree with laanba -- the new reply-to feature is making me nuts. Usually I hit reply so that the recipient can see the title of the post in the Subject field of the email AND see the text of the comment with my reply. Otherwise they have no idea what I'm replying to. Now what I end up doing is pretend I'm replying to my blog but then change the email address, which is a pain in the neck. Please put it back so that I can reply directly to the recipient with the text of the comment still in place. Thanks!

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