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This Week's Release: New Themes, Comment with Twitter, and more...

This week's release is a great one - the new TypePad is really shaping up, thanks to all of your input. We're heading into a long weekend here in the US. To all our stateside readers, have a happy and safe holiday.

On with the show!

New Theme: Magnetic



Available in: dark blue, red, green, pink, or purple.

Help is on the way

Some things in the new TypePad can be a little confusing when you switch over. We've added some dismissable information "bubbles" that help point the way.


Your commenters can log in though TypePad, Twitter and Facebook already, but for our beta team, we've put those logos on the comment form. This helps your readers know they can log in to leave you great comments with whatever service they choose.

Guest Author Improvements

  • Guest authors can now set up external accounts to share posts with Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Each guest author can also now use post-by-email with their own secret email address

Bug Fixes of note

  • Display draft/scheduled posts on your dashboard
  • Show post/comment count on your dashboard
  • "View full screen" in compose is fixed
  • Fixed IE7 crashes
  • Fixed Bookmarklet double encoding issues
  • Changed sharing posts to Facebook to display post images
  • Moved Delete Blog to settings page
  • tons more behind-the-scenes improvements

Known issues:

  • UPDATED TO ADD: reply-to comments for some folks is replying to the comment thread, rather than the email address. We're looking into this and will update everyone here at Everything TypePadas soon as we can.
  • While our TypePad Anti-Spam service is working just fine, some people are seeing spam comment notification emails. We'll have this fixed ASAP.
  • If anyone is seeing oddness with custom HTML modules (making the design of your page look strange all of a sudden) we're shipping a fix for this too, ASAP. In the meantime, you can open up a help ticket with our support team, or to fix it yourself, you'll want to go to the Design > Content page and update the module by wrapping the custom HTML like so:

    <div class="module">
         <div class="module-content">
             [Custom HTML goes here.]

Here's our favorite comment about the new release so far:

Picture 1


Trent Fitzgerald

I have been using the "Magnetic" theme for the past three days now.
The only problem that I have found is that I can't italicize my text when I'm composing a post.

I can boldface my text.

I can strike my text.

I can underline my text.

But I can't boldface the text when I'm composing a new blog.

Can you fix this?


Jim Ramsey

Hi Trent,

I'm sorry, that was my bad. There's an easy fix if you have access to Custom CSS in the design tab:

.entry-body b,
.entry-body strong {
font-weight: bold
.entry-body i,
.entry-body em {
font-style: italic;

I'll fix this issue in our next release.


Beginning yesterday, when I reply to a comment, it goes to the post comments as a thread- not as a private email reply to the commenter, as before.
Please tell me this is a glitch!
I want to reply privately to my commenters without having to dig up an email address. Not publicly to all readers. Switch back please or at least give us the option to go one way or another.

Account Deleted

I agree with Charlotte. It's nice to have the option, because sometimes I want/need to do the public reply. But mostly I need to respond privately to that reader.

Where can I find the "switch" to temporarily shut that off, or to set the preference for each particular comment? Is there one? Or is this something that will be addressed in future?

Account Deleted

Does anybody uses the new themes from Japan? Typepad hasn't made them wide yet and I think they're not advisable to use because they're too narrow with too wide sidebars. I would love to use it, but the narrow columns are just a disappointment esp. because I use a 3 column layout.

I thought Typepad had improved them.
What blogs do use those narrow Japanese themes?


I agree completely and wholeheartedly with Charlotte and kemtee. At the very least, I need an option as to whether my reply to a comment appears as a threaded "conversation" or directly in reply to the person who commented! People can use Typepad Connect if they wish to carry on "conversations" in their comments. I have been a paid subscriber for over five years -- many of those at the PRO level, and I am very upset about this change -- and that it was done without warning.


I agree with Charlotte, kemtee and Vicki and have sent Help Tickets and posted on the so called Get Satisfaction forum. This unneeded and unwarned change that was made by the powers that be at Six Apart is awful. We have been paying for a blogging service and it should respond to our needs and uses. The Connect feature should be an option and Typepad should notify each and every paying subscriber of each and every formatting change well in advance.

I know lots of craft bloggers who are moving their blogs because of this issue and I may be following them soon.

Of course, my moving and shutting up would give you that Get Satisfaction feeling that I am lacking.


hi all - I know it's frustrating, we're working on finding out more about why this change happened and how we can address your concerns.

hang in there - we'll get you an update ASAP.


hi Bing! we were able to widen a lot of the Japanese themes, but not all of them - is there one in particular you want to use?


hang in there - we'll have more information on this ASAP. I'm sorry for the hassle, but we're finding out more now. In the meantime, you can certainly delete your own comment, if it's a privacy concern, and you can also find your commenter's email address in Settings > Comments, (on the new TypePad) and clicking on the commenter's name.

Not ideal right now, of course, but we'll have a more thorough reply soon.

My apologies, sincerely - it's a holiday weekend and it's tough to get more information than that right this second, but trust me, everyone from the head of support to the VP are on call and working to get a more complete picture of what we can do to help.


hi Joan - don't worry! We truly, truly thank you for your concern and feedback. I wanted to address this directly here, as well as in my other replies here and on Get Satisfaction: we're working on a solution. I'm so sorry for the trouble in the meantime - it's not ideal by anyone's standards. I hope you don't think this was anything malicious for yall - we LOVE our craft bloggers and know you are a huge, essential part of the broader TypePad community.

We'll get you an update ASAP.


I assume one of the unlucky ones is the Apple theme, correct?

Account Deleted

Hahaha go for it Melanchola ^^ this is what you've been wanting ever since. I hope typepad will be able to widen this theme already. Its a beautiful theme. Goodluck Melanchola.

Trent Fitzgerald

>> I'll fix this issue in our next release.

So when will that be?

In the meantime, I had to switch over to another theme. That sucks!

You guys shouldn't release new themes if they are not ready.

It's the same thing with the Japan Themes. WIDEN OUT THE COLUMNS FOR GOD'S SAKE so bloggers with three-wide columns can use them. Is it really that hard to do?

I would love to be a beta tester for Typepad, but y'all need to pay me for finding some of these f**k ups with your themes and other things on Typepad. This is insane.

Seriously . . .

And y'all need to start incorporating Twitter with these blogs. But I'm not going to say anymore. If y'all need a blogging consultant. Holler!


So sorry about this - we're working on a fix for this right now. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


Hey Trent, this should be fixed now. Let us know if it's not.

The themes from Japan were widened a couple of weeks ago - there's a few that we can't widen, because their width is dictated by the banner image. If there's one you want to use in particular, let me know.


Thanks, Ginevra. I'm confident that you will do your best to give us options. Someone suggested that you give us an email head's up when you make big changes in the standard formatting we use everyday. That's a very good idea. That courtesy keeps us all feeling like part of the family. It's kind of embarassing when we, the blogger/users of your product, look dopey because Typepad changed the game..... and we had no idea.
Again, thanks for listening, working and fixing =]


Just received a reader comment with a new preface from Typepad announcing the option to respond either directly to the commenter or to the thread.....except that the direct response option just suggests we click on their email address .... which we, of course, figured out on our own and have been doing all week now.
And it's a lousy option because it requires the email response to load independently, requiring a new subject line and takes all this extra time.
Keep working, please. This is not a fix!


I am so bewildered by all this....last week, no subject line appeared, now
when I click on the email address of the commenter as recommended- a reply
draft comes up without an email address to respond to. Have to cut and paste
it in....argh!

I'm getting so annoyed w all these comment changes! Who said they needed to
comment as a thread that trumped the happy state of all of us responding
privately? This is so unacceptable!
Give us an option to check or uncheck as to how we want to respond,
privately or not.

Please tell me you are still working to restore what we had in the first
place.... before this new change was instituted!


the option in the email is meant to reveal commenters' email addresses- we still have a bit to go to make sure this all works for everyone. we're working on it -- :)


that's very good news! thanks so much!

Susan Abbott

Hi - I'm also really missing being able to send an e-mail to commenters. Could you please review how I can do this? Do I need to change my comment pref's so I get an e-mail address??


and so 2 weeks later....... what can we expect re the private comments reply, which still doesn't function as promised?
clicking on the person's email account in the comment does not bring up their address in the email address line. still have to cut and paste it in.
what's planned at this point?


Hi Charlotte! This should be working a bit better soon - I've heard a lot of suggestions from a lot of people as to their ideas as to how it should work, mostly in improving how that click-to-email works. As soon as I know more, we'll let people know.


also, we've isolated that this only happens in Gmail - if you're seeing it in another mail program, will you let me know?


Good news there! thanks, Ginevra. You do a good job settling us down when we
get all worked up about crazy blog issues. I hope they appreciate your
calming voice and quick responses. best, Charlotte


hi susan! right now, the link to your commenters' email address (if they're sharing it) should be in the notification email you receive. It's not quite working as expected yet in Gmail, but we're working on it.

Are you receiving comment notification emails? Some people have this setting turned off.


In Hotmail, the email address is not clickable - you have to cut and paste it in.

Without an easy, private email reply option, I may as well be back with blogger for free.

Tameka Mullins (Tamstarz)

Hello TP Team! I'm new to this and want to know how I can find/follow other bloggers on TypePad. I noticed a few on the homepage but was wondering if there were more. Is there a directory?


Werner Patels

There are several problems with the Magnetic theme. Bulleted lists, for example, don't show either. Instead of bullets, you get a flow text without paragraphs, etc.

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