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This Week's Release: New Themes, Comment with Twitter, and more...

This week's release is a great one - the new TypePad is really shaping up, thanks to all of your input. We're heading into a long weekend here in the US. To all our stateside readers, have a happy and safe holiday.

On with the show!

New Theme: Magnetic



Available in: dark blue, red, green, pink, or purple.

Help is on the way

Some things in the new TypePad can be a little confusing when you switch over. We've added some dismissable information "bubbles" that help point the way.


Your commenters can log in though TypePad, Twitter and Facebook already, but for our beta team, we've put those logos on the comment form. This helps your readers know they can log in to leave you great comments with whatever service they choose.

Guest Author Improvements

  • Guest authors can now set up external accounts to share posts with Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Each guest author can also now use post-by-email with their own secret email address

Bug Fixes of note

  • Display draft/scheduled posts on your dashboard
  • Show post/comment count on your dashboard
  • "View full screen" in compose is fixed
  • Fixed IE7 crashes
  • Fixed Bookmarklet double encoding issues
  • Changed sharing posts to Facebook to display post images
  • Moved Delete Blog to settings page
  • tons more behind-the-scenes improvements

Known issues:

  • UPDATED TO ADD: reply-to comments for some folks is replying to the comment thread, rather than the email address. We're looking into this and will update everyone here at Everything TypePadas soon as we can.
  • While our TypePad Anti-Spam service is working just fine, some people are seeing spam comment notification emails. We'll have this fixed ASAP.
  • If anyone is seeing oddness with custom HTML modules (making the design of your page look strange all of a sudden) we're shipping a fix for this too, ASAP. In the meantime, you can open up a help ticket with our support team, or to fix it yourself, you'll want to go to the Design > Content page and update the module by wrapping the custom HTML like so:

    <div class="module">
         <div class="module-content">
             [Custom HTML goes here.]

Here's our favorite comment about the new release so far:

Picture 1

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