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Crushing It with Gary Vaynerchuk

If you’re not familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV and the upcoming book Crush It!, you’re missing out on one of the most energetic, inspirational and entertaining bloggers and social media experts.

A couple of weeks ago some of the TypePad team caught up with Gary and talked about his upcoming book, TypePad bloggers and the TypePad Motion announcement. In true Gary fashion, he did a great video post to the TypePad community and to bloggers everywhere.

Gary is a perfect example of someone who dedicated himself to his passion and put the tools available to him – a blog, a video camera, his expertise, and his enthusiasm – to create a unique and successful brand. As a blogger, you have the same tools available to you to build your own compelling personal and professional brand.

And now Gary has a new mission: encourage people to follow their passion and to effectively use social media and blogs (and everything else!) to connect with an audience that shares their interests, whether it is food, football, scrapbooking, marketing, parenting, Star Trek collectibles, or anything in between. His book is a wake up call for everyone to realize their potential and take hold of the opportunity of the new digital world. 

If you want to see Gary in person, check out his upcoming book tour. Learn more about his new book, Crush It!, at

Check out the video and if you have questions for Gary, leave them in the comments below.


A Twitter User

I love GaryVee! I've had the pleasure of working with him on behalf of springpad. He has a really great profile :)


GaryVee rockin' like Dokken!

Yes I think my favorite part of GaryVee's stuff is he's used tools that we all have available to everybody - a blog, a video camera - and mixed it in with infectious enthusiasm and bravado. He started with what interested him and built from there.

Another part I like about how he's constructed his personal brand is he's realized that it's okay to turn some people off. You don't have to make everyone love you. But the people you do attract will be that much more valuable.

You can always trust us brits to try and change the way you talk, the way you say niche was perfectly ok :-)

Gary - you got me All Fired Up and now I feel unstoppable. Just put my first video up on the site. I can't believe it's less than a week old. It's all I want to work on. So pumped! Thank you for your insight and I hope you don't mind but I will definitely be keeping you updated via twitter. Check it out at

ready for takeoff!!!

@garyvee what is your fave iphone app and why? how do i get are free book lol

Account Deleted

This is one of the questions I always wanted answered by @garyvee and now I have it. TUNNELING! I think niche blogs are the way to go, but I believe that creating tunnels is one of the key factors to both attract new viewers AND I dare to say, to keep your niche viewers/readers watching consistently. But, the point is... Create tunnels FROM your core subject to something else, don't create PARALLEL, totally disconnected talks. Do you agree, Gary?

Geneve Hoffman Photography

Gary...I agree with what you say. But what makes type pad better than facebook, or my own personal blog? I just opened up a type pad account, just to write this! I feel like I have invested lots of time and money in my blog for my photography biz and other social more network to maintain makes my head spin. Ever in Portsmouth NH?

Hi Gary,

I'm still trying to figure out how to monetize myhairtalking. Any ideas? I have 150 twitter followers and am on Is typepad like tumblr?

Hey Gary -

I'm super excited about your upcoming book tour. Will be waiting for you in Austin on Oct. 21 - count on it.


Thanks for WAKING me UP!!
Saw you on CNN...
Is your book tour coming to BERKELEY,CA?
Check out my BRAND: Give me Your Critique


Question for Gary: how to blog about a very unusual attraction to get the maximum result? See and or just google to Soekershof or Green Cathedral of South Africa.
We are curious.

Enjoy Life
(our life is full of cactus but we don't sit on it)

Yvonne & Herman

I'm usually not interested, at all, in "motivational" books, but this one is great. I've enjoyed it from beginning to end. If you haven't read it, I posted a commentary on my new blog which might help you decide.

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