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Happy Halloween from your Community Manager. <3

It's Friday. It's almost Halloween. Let's blog about fun stuff, shall we? How about our latest TypePad Motion site: mmmeow?

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Join today to share your love for cuteness. And we're platform-agnostic when it comes to cute. Our favorite micro-dog has her own Microblog!

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While I'm telling stories and talking community:

Once upon a time about a month ago, we had a bug. The bug was not fun. The bug happened as a holiday weekend began. The bug caused a group of Angry Knitting Bloggers™ to take to the virtual streets and let us know in no uncertain terms that they were unhappy about it. As your intrepid community manager, I rolled up my sleeves, shooed my dinner guests from my laptop, and started talking, typing, commenting, blogging: everything I could do to listen, react, and change the situation for the better. It took a while. Sometimes, being front and center in front of people? It's a challenge, no doubt.

Once everyone was mostly happy again, I thought to ask one community member, Cookie, of Shut Up and Knit, if she had any ideas for something durable-yet-adorable that I could wear over my bike gloves for "lady-biking" through the city. SF has lots of microclimates (hot one moment, cold the next) and bike gloves can have a lot of ugly.

Lo and behold, I had a package on my desk with the PERFECT pair of pink hand-knit bike gloves.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about using social media to create social change. I saw the kitty-cat hat from blogger Soper of Uterine Wars and couldn't get it out of my head. So I bought it for her fundraiser, but also because HELLO? HALLOWEEN IS CATURDAY!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the blogger-powered outfit I biked to work in today (while making Tuff Bike Face the whole time, of course):


Seriously, you guys in the TypePad community are the best. Thanks for making my job, my day, and my outfit. Rock out!


A Twitter User

Love those gloves!

Account Deleted

Happy Halloween!
I like the last photo :)


Hey, if you got the time check out my latest post "Much, Not Everything, But Much of What I've Learned in Life, I Learned From Britain's Got Talent" And can you put me on the beta team so I can try out the Chroma theme?

Happy Halloween you biking machine


Thanks for the great post, Lowell! And I've added you to the TypePad beta team. Have fun with Chroma! :)

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