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This Week's Release: Bug Fixes, Beta, Share Comments on Facebook and more!

This week, we've made some cool new features available for everyone. We've made some dashboard improvements, like editing posts directly from the dashboard.

One of the most requested feature improvements was adding author profile photos to post. This is especially nice for blogs with lots of authors, and adds that special visual impact to your blogging.

Picture 3
To add more cool stuff (like Favorites and Tweet This!) to the bottom of your posts, click on "design", then "content", and edit the "post footer" options.

We've fixed a lot of bugs with this release as well. Thanks to those of you who hung in there through some slowness and commenting issues in the past couple of days. If you're still seeing those issues, please let our TypePad One support team know by opening a help ticket. 

Other fixes of note:

  • Improving post by email: we've got great ways to post on the fly, and posting by email is straightforward and simple.
  • Images: we had reports of borders being cropped out in the wrong places. This is fixed.
  • Auto-Save: now it's more clear what's being recovered in the unfortunate case that you lose a post.

Take a sneak peek at our newest theme for our Beta testers after the jump!

Known issues: some people are having problems with TypePad Connect comments appearing. If this is the case, please let our support team know, so that we can help you fix this.

We've also a super-simple way for you to join our Beta team. Which we know you'll want to do when you see the cool new theme we just released for Beta: Chroma.

When you pick this theme, you'll upload an image to use that will automagically change the color layout of your blog, and let you pick the colors you like best for your new theme.


When you're part of our Beta team, there are some bugs and hiccups and things bubbling on the burner in the virtual test kitchen, so be sure that you're ready for being on the bleeding edge. Save copies of designs while you're testing, and you can switch back anytime. The new way to join beta is to go to your account page and click the button that will ask if you'd like to join our beta team. It's just one click to opt in or out anytime. 

Have a safe Halloween weekend, everyone!



I find it worrisome that that are so many posts about fixes to the new platform. It makes me really apprehensive about being put onto it for good.

Account Deleted

And once again, users with advanced templates are left clueless as to how to add these new features to their blogs. C'mon Typepad: provide coding instructions for advanced template users when you roll out new stuff!

Plus, I see no difference in my dashboard that indicates I can edit posts from there.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

I'm liking the new design features. I'm pretty sure the idea of beta is to work out the bugs before implementing it completely, so that part of it doesn't worry me a bit.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Is there a way to move the column from the left side to the right side on the new design? Or will there be one?


HI Lisa! I'm not sure - are you just talking about the Chroma theme in particular? You might be able to make that work as a Pro user with CSS, but I'll ask around to find out how.


HI Julie - we're working on the Advanced Template ways to do this! If you want to open a ticket (or I can open one on your behalf) we can help you do this now. My apologies for the delay in response, too - I thought I'd already responded here to this. :)

Let me know if there's anything else I can do?


Hi Julie - I'm updating the main post on Favorites with this too, but here's the link for adding them to advanced templates:

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