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SF Django Meetup @ Six Apart's Office - October 21

Six Apart has embraced Django in a big way with the release of Motion and various other Python projects on GitHub. This month we are hosting the SF Django Meetup at our office in San Francisco, on Wednesday October 21, at 6:30pm. Come by for our presentation on recent contributions to the Django community:

  1. An introduction to Motion. What is it? What can you do with it? Also an introduction to the platform.
  2. Information about the underlying cloud services that Motion is built on, and tips and hints on how you can build your own apps and services on this platform too--all in Python and Django.

If you plan to attend, please confirm your attendance. The meetup starts at 6:30pm at 548 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107.


Nima Badiey

Thanks to everyone who made it to the meetup last night. We had a great turnout and some very cool and interesting topics. Mike's presentation about Motion and the TypePad API was quite interesting. His slides from the presentation are posted here:

PDF: http://immike.net/files/motion_django_meetup.pdf
Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/mmalone/motion-django-meetup

Nima Badiey

Also... if you missed Ed and Mike's presentation at FOWA in October, here is a link to the slides:



I've looked all over the "new" typepad for a place to pose a question to the formerly existing support staff for typepad bloggers and haven't found it. Assume you've removed that feature.

So I'll note that ataxingmatter seems not to be recording publish dates appropriately. Item "published" at 1:58 on Nov 11 is viewing as published on Nov 10. What's up?

Nima Badiey

Hi LindaMBeale

Here is the link fr TypePad Support:
then click "create a help ticket" which will take you her:

Good luck!

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