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Customers can book appointments on your TypePad blog with BookFresh

Ever spent all day making and amending appointments instead of completing the work you had scheduled? Although we love it, talking to customers, can be a time consuming affair and few of us can afford the luxury of a receptionist or PA to straighten our diaries.

Enter BookFresh. BookFresh is essentially a virtual receptionist on your blog. The widget syncs with yourBookfresh  
calendar to show an up-to-date view. It allows customers to book an appointment at a free time, even enabling  them to prepay for appointments in advance via PayPal. BookFresh then contacts you wherever you are to make sure that time works.

The kind people at BookFresh have made a "Mini Widget" especially for the side bar of TypePad blogs. To seal the deal they then threw in a 50% discount on BookFresh accounts for TypePad customers - just for good measure!

So the next time a customer comes by your site, help them take the next step themselves and book an appointment with you via BookFresh, instead of leaving empty handed.

If you are a small business using TypePad as your website make sure you check out all the great partner functionality that we have been integrating with TypePad, to help you save time and make money.

To find the widgets go to the small business section in the TypePad Widget Gallery 



This actually sounds pretty useful if you use TypePad!

Account Deleted

I signed up with a free account but how do I get the 50% off?

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