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Coming soon: a fresh look for the TypePad Sign In page

In the coming weeks, the TypePad Sign In page will be getting a fresh new look. This is only a visual change, all the functionality remains the same. We thought it'd be a good idea to let you know in advance, so you are not surprised when you see its new look:

Picture 48

What changed?

  • We removed the "New features" blurb - we know that when you hit this page the only thing you want to do is sign in, so we've focused the page on doing just that.
  • The Sign In fields now just ask for Email and Password - don't worry, we still accept the TypePad Member Name as a valid authentication, but since more and more users use their email address to sign in we took the opportunity to save a few pixels.
  • It's easier to sign in with Facebook or other accounts like Twitter, Open Id etc. - this is particularly convenient for your readers as it makes it super easy for them to sign in to leave a comment or favorite a post on your blog.
  • The new Sign In page now looks the same everywhere - whether you are trying to sign in to TypePad, comment on a TypePad blog, Favorite a post or follow a TypePad blogger, you can expect the same streamlined sign in page.

We hope you'll like this fresher look. And again, it's all the same in the background, so you can continue to login as you do today.


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