TypePad Traffic Tip #1. Post More Often
TypePad Traffic Tip #3. Invite Compliments with Favoriting

TypePad Traffic Tip #2. Turn on Google Sitemaps

add google sitemaps to your blog

Search engines are pretty smart, but they also like shortcuts to save time. To help more readers find your posts, the new TypePad lets you quickly add a Google Sitemap to your blog (Bing and Yahoo will also grab it). Got 60 seconds? We make it easy.

Here's how to enable your Google Sitemap:

  1. Go to Blogs > (Your Blog) > Settings > SEO. The SEO settings page displays.
  2. Under Google Sitemap, check the checkbox.

    google sitemap checkbox

    Save Changes.

Power tip: Connect your sitemap to a Google Webmaster account and get more information on where your traffic is coming from (here's a tutorial).

This traffic tip is part of our Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips series. Check back for our next tip tomorrow or stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.



Great -- thanks! :-)


Thanks, Agnes, for reading. You are the first one to leave a comment on my new blog. I so appreciate that:-) mogama

Lloyd Budd

Do you have any data you can share that supports this being the #2 tip? In my own research I have not been able to find any conclusive evidence that it makes any real difference to an established site.

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