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A Thanksgiving Treat from Six Apart - TypePad Motion 1.1

Best. Gift. Ever.

My mom prints out some of my blog posts and emails to save, and for my dad to read. While that's adorable, it's doesn't hold a candle to how happy my folks would be if I made them a Blurb book from my blog, like Steve Garfield made his mom:

If you want to make someone special in your life happy this holiday season, why not make a book out of your blog with Blurb? It's easy, and they've got a special promo from now through November 24th for 20% off plus free shipping. Give the gift you know they'll love!


French la Vie

I thought to do that as a way to have my blog in print as a backup.

Though with over 6000 of my photos attached to it, Blurb responding

that I would have to do several books. Glup. Cost gets into the way with that many photos.

Thanks Typepad for keeping my blog safe and cost effective.

Peanut Blossom

Am I missing something? How do you go about making a book out of your blog? Is there an export button that makes it a file Blurb can read more easily?


Love it! My 82-year-old grandmother sometimes prints out my blog posts and MAILS them to her friends. Seriously. ;)

Claire Alcock

Hi Peanut Blossom - Blurb have a tool called BookSmart which you use to create the book. There is a "blog to book" option there which will draw in your TypePad content and then allow you to customize the lay out and content. We recorded a webinar on how to create your Blurb book from TypePad with one of the Blurb folks. Here it is

I love making books for people. They really are the best gifts ever.

Peanut Blossom

Thanks, Claire! That is super cool, I'll have to check that video out. . .

The Pet Blog Lady

We do books too! They're amazing!

Account Deleted

I've always wanted to do a Blurb book but when I imported my archives into the Blurb software it says my blog is too big and the whole thing crashes! I guess nine years of ramblings adds up to a lot of pages. A shame coz it would nice to have a big tome on the bookshelf, like an ansgty bible :)

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