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Byron-dwellLong-time Movable Type community member DL Byron of recently set up TypePad Motion at We thought we'd sit down with Byron for a quick Q&A about how easy it was to set up and run a TypePad Motion site.

Q: Who is Byron, and what's Textura Design all about?

A:  Textura Design is a creative agency, specializing in business blogs & social media, and web design.I'm the Principal of Textura Design, Inc. in Seattle. I wrote a book about blogging back in the day, invented Clip-n-Seal, speak at conferences, consult, etc.

Q: Man about town, then! So, why TypePad Motion?

A: TypePad Motion was simple to install, easy to use, and simple to integrate into the Bikehugger site.  Cool that the data and user profiles are stored in TypePad, while the front end templates and pages are locally-hosted Python and Django.

As a test, I built a quick site: "Mellow Clutter". The setup took me ~34 minutes on a Macbook Air. OS X ships with the necessary code, so it was just a matter of running some terminal commands and
editing some text files. I blogged about it too.

(And because it's like a freakin’ magical unicorn that fills your blog with sunshine.)

Q: How long did it take you to setup, create and launch your

It was about a day of work, and Strangecode and Six Apart worked with
us on it.

Q: What is your development setup (hardware/software)?

The software for the server is Virtual Machine running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Hardware is Dell 2U servers with dual 3.2 GHz dual-core Xeon processors, 4 GB RAM, hot-swappable SCSI RAID drives, etc

Q: What's the one feature you'd like to see added to TypePad Motion?
I want to bring in feeds from Twitter and the like.

Thanks, Byron!


Nima Badiey

This is a great post Ginevra! Thanks for sharing!


Agreed! Thank for posting that. We've got next steps already planned for Motion.


Nima rocks! \m/


Glad you're using TypePad Motion, Byron - and glad that you did the interview with us. Thanks again!

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