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TypePad Traffic Tip #6. Optimize Your Post Titles

edit your permalink

In your post titles and URL, every word counts. Edit your permalinks to include key words to help search engines match your posts with the right searches. The more specific words you use to describe your post the more your target audience is likely to find it.

Here's how:

  1. When in the Compose screen, under the post title you'll see the post's permalink.
  2. Click Edit. The permalink is now editable.
  3. Edit the permalink as you like. Click Done.
  4. Publish your post and you'll see your specified link as the permalink for the post.

Power tip: Use specific keywords in your URL to attract the rights visitors to your blog. Focus on words 'real' people use - not the insiders or your niche.

This traffic tip is part of our Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips series. Check back for our next tip tomorrow or stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.


Account Deleted

Hello typepad. Thanks for this tip, its the most interesting tip of all 6. However, I just want to ask something. Its possible to edit the permalink right? Is it ok if the permalink title is a bit different from the post title? Thanks.


@samjien: I think the permalink can and, sometimes, must be different from the post title. The link is another tool to make the post relevant, while the title can be a bit more specific/descriptive about the content. Also, a long title, if unedited, would lead to a long link, which sometimes can be counterproductive.

my 2 cents


thanks for your two cents. that answered my question.

Account Deleted

Thank you so much for clearing out my mind with regards to this. So for example. if im having a post title "you're not alone lyrics and video - by Michael Jackson" i can just make the permalink: you're-not-alone-by-michael-jaskon :)is that it?


That's exactly what I meant! (although in the example you mention I am not sure you can use the ' in "you're" -- I don't think URLs support that character ;-)
Glad it helped!

Account Deleted

Great tip, thank you!


Yup. The way I think about it is that the Post Title is intended for the humans to read and many of the other elements are intended for machines/search engines. Be sure to experiment since results may vary depending on your topic/niche/etc.


Correct - we strip all non-alpha characters from the URL.


Now that was a great tip, thanks!


These tips have been great! Thank you so much for doing this Top Ten series.

Cecily Walker

I'm moving over from a self-hosted version of WordPress (too many 'security upgrades') where my URLs were structured like http://cecily.info/yyyy/mm/dd/post-title/, without a file extension on the end. Is this possible to do with TypePad? If not, is it possible to do with Movable Type?


Great Series. Enjoying each tip. Hope you're planning more series on things like conversion, monetizing, selling from your blog, etc.

ASJ Artworks


Like this idea a lot! Thanks guys.

Keetgi Kogan Steinberg

Hi! Can I go back and edit the perma-links of already published posts? Or does this only apply to unpublished posts. Thanks!

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