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Coming Tomorrow: Design Enhancements to Make TypePad Faster and Simpler

As we continue to make TypePad faster and simpler to use we want to give you a heads up about some changes you will see in our next product update tomorrow.

Skip the ‘Sign In' link

Tired of having to click on the sign-in link every time you visit So are we. If you're already logged into TypePad you'll be automatically redirected to your dashboard when you visit

A Simplified Sign In page

If you do need to sign-in, you'll notice a fresh new look on the sign-in page.

Compose, front and center

To make it easier to quickly share text, photos, or a video we've created a simpler compose box and put it right on the dashboard. Don't worry: the normal compose is still available.

Manage My Blogs

The fastest way to a page is a single click so we've added direct links to the most popular blog management pages on the new "Manage My blogs" dashboard. You can quickly access the stats, design, compose, posts, settings, and comments pages, for each of your blogs.


Stay in the Know

We want you to be the first to know about new tips and updates to TypePad. Starting tomorrow all members will automatically follow the TypePad Team and see updates from Everything TypePad in the recent activity feed. You can choose to unfollow us if you'd like.

We've got some other exciting announcements coming soon so keep an eye on your recent activity feed and Everything TypePad.

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