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TypePad Traffic Tip #8. Add Email Alerts

add email alerts to typepad with feedburner

Repeat visitors are awesome and feed readers are pretty hawt. Still, some readers find it easier to see your latest posts in their morning email. TypePad helps your readers stay current with your blog in the format of their choice - even if it is good ol' email. Build your readership with Google's Feedburner email alerts widget.

Here's how:

  1. If you haven't already, connect your blog to your FeedBurner account. (here's how).
  2. Log in to FeedBurner and click on the feed you want to add email alerts to. The Dashboard for that feed will display.
  3. Go to Publicize > Email Subscriptions.
  4. Select FeedBurner and click "Activate". FeedBurner displays a success screen with your subscription form HTML.
  5. Click 'Use as a widget in', select TypePad and click Go.

    add feedburner email alerts to typepad

    FeedBurner then sends you into TypePad.
  6. Select the blog that you want to add the subscription form to and click Add Widget. TypePad adds the subscription form to your blog.

Verify: Click "View Blog" to see it or click Change Content Ordering to change where the form appears in your sidebar.

Test it: Subscribe to your blog and then tomorrow you should get an alert if you write a new post.

Power tip: Add extra flavor to your email alerts. FeedBurner lets you add a logo and specify fonts and colors for your alerts.

Visual learner? Here's our video demos on how to add email alerts to your blog.

This traffic tip is part of our Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips series. Check back for our next tip tomorrow or stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.

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