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TypePad Traffic Tip #9. Follow Others

follow others on typepad network

TypePad's dashboard keeps you up to date with your favorite bloggers. If you want to encourage others to follow you, follow them! Be on the lookout for the Follow Module on your favorite blogs. Simply click to follow the blogger and your dashboard will show their latest posts, comments and favorites.

Power tip: Welcome your new followers. Every few days post an update to your blog welcoming your most recent followers linking to their profiles or blogs (you'll know who is following you since TypePad emails you whenever you get a new follower).

This traffic tip is part of our Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips series. Check back for our next tip tomorrow or stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.

TypePad Traffic Tip #8. Add Email Alerts

add email alerts to typepad with feedburner

Repeat visitors are awesome and feed readers are pretty hawt. Still, some readers find it easier to see your latest posts in their morning email. TypePad helps your readers stay current with your blog in the format of their choice - even if it is good ol' email. Build your readership with Google's Feedburner email alerts widget.

Here's how:

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Coming soon: a fresh look for the TypePad Sign In page

In the coming weeks, the TypePad Sign In page will be getting a fresh new look. This is only a visual change, all the functionality remains the same. We thought it'd be a good idea to let you know in advance, so you are not surprised when you see its new look:

Picture 48

What changed?

  • We removed the "New features" blurb - we know that when you hit this page the only thing you want to do is sign in, so we've focused the page on doing just that.
  • The Sign In fields now just ask for Email and Password - don't worry, we still accept the TypePad Member Name as a valid authentication, but since more and more users use their email address to sign in we took the opportunity to save a few pixels.
  • It's easier to sign in with Facebook or other accounts like Twitter, Open Id etc. - this is particularly convenient for your readers as it makes it super easy for them to sign in to leave a comment or favorite a post on your blog.
  • The new Sign In page now looks the same everywhere - whether you are trying to sign in to TypePad, comment on a TypePad blog, Favorite a post or follow a TypePad blogger, you can expect the same streamlined sign in page.

We hope you'll like this fresher look. And again, it's all the same in the background, so you can continue to login as you do today.

Django Tutorial @ Six Apart's New York Office - November 19th

Are you a developer or just want to learn more about Django? Come join the Six Apart crew in our New York office on November 19th at 7pm EST. Space is limited so sign up now!

The format of the event will be fairly simple. Everybody who is looking to learn will be asked to attempt to install Django and complete the official tutorial on their own. As everybody works on the tutorial, there will be a number of experienced Django developers available to provide guidance and to answer questions. At the end of the night we'll have a general Q&A and some tips on where to go from there.

Don't forget to confirm your attendance! We'll start promptly at 7:00pm. See you on the 19th!

TypePad Traffic Tip #6. Optimize Your Post Titles

edit your permalink

In your post titles and URL, every word counts. Edit your permalinks to include key words to help search engines match your posts with the right searches. The more specific words you use to describe your post the more your target audience is likely to find it.

Here's how:

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TypePad Traffic Tip #5. Share Posts to Twitter and Facebook

post to typepad twitter and facebook

It's great to send stuff out to your Twitter followers or Facebook friends but it can be a chore to post to multiple sites. With 'Share This Post' you can post to your blog, update your Twitter status and update your Facebook profile, with one click in the new TypePad.

Here's how:

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TypePad Traffic Tip #3. Invite Compliments with Favoriting

add star ratings to your blog

Two weeks ago, we added Favoriting to the all new TypePad because it's fun to recognize and recommend great posts. When someone "Favorites" your post, TypePad lets everyone in their network know to come check out your awesome-ness.

How to enable Favorites:

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TypePad Traffic Tip #2. Turn on Google Sitemaps

add google sitemaps to your blog

Search engines are pretty smart, but they also like shortcuts to save time. To help more readers find your posts, the new TypePad lets you quickly add a Google Sitemap to your blog (Bing and Yahoo will also grab it). Got 60 seconds? We make it easy.

Here's how to enable your Google Sitemap:

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