Best. Gift. Ever.
Happy Thanksgiving!

A Thanksgiving Treat from Six Apart - TypePad Motion 1.1

At Six Apart we have a long history of developing leading class open source applications and supporting developers who contribute to the open source community. Our latest community microblogging application, TypePad Motion, has been extremely well received since its launch over a month ago. As these communities have grown around TypePad, so has their need for better community management and social integration. Our members have given great feedback on features and improvements they would like to see, and we've listened!

Today we are excited to release TypePad Motion 1.1, with all new moderation and syndication capabilities built right into the application - and that is on top of the awesome performance improvements. We strongly recommend all current TypePad Motion users to upgrade their application to the latest release.

New Features:
  • Share with Facebook and Twitter: New posts on TypePad Motion community sites can be shared with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. If you  haven't already, add your account credentials to your "Elsewhere" accounts on yourPicture 3 TypePad account page. Then click the check boxes for Facebook and Twitter under the compose window to share your post with your friends   
  • Moderation: A moderation tool is now included with TypePad Motion. Administrators can select to review all posts before they are published, or enable selective moderation (by post type such as text, picture, audio, video or a combination thereof) and community policing.
  • Flag a Post: Community members can now flag and identify inappropriate and offensive posts. This is a powerful mechanism to help keep our online communities free from spam, griefing and generally bad behavior.
  • Performance Improvements: Taking advantage of the TypePad architecture, TypePad Motion now supports template and object caching, which means community sites are faster than ever, with improved page load and data access.
  • Easy Upgrade. If you wish to take advantage of updates we make to Motion after you have installed it, you can use this command to bring your local installation up to date:

sudo easy_install -U typepad-motion

  • Bug Fixes: We also fixed some minor issues on local profiles and registration.

Documentation:  Read the updated documentation to install and configure moderation, with additional  instructions for community managers using moderation tools.

Download: For our developer community and open source affictionados, here are links to the TypePad Motion download pages on Github, Pypi and our own TypePad Developer Resources.


Steve Calderon

Note that after you easy_install to upgrade Motion, you probably need to do a python syncdb. At least, I had to.

Nima Badiey

TypePad Motion 1.1 Release Notes and Known Issues list is here:

and the documentation on github:

Account Deleted

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