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TypePad Traffic Tip #5. Share Posts to Twitter and Facebook

post to typepad twitter and facebook

It's great to send stuff out to your Twitter followers or Facebook friends but it can be a chore to post to multiple sites. With 'Share This Post' you can post to your blog, update your Twitter status and update your Facebook profile, with one click in the new TypePad.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Account > Other Accounts. The Your Other Accounts page displays.

    To connect your Facebook account, select Facebook from the drop-down menu and click Add. A pop-up displays with Facebook showing the Facebook account name it is going to connect to TypePad. Click OK. That username now appears in your list of accounts (tutorial).

    To connect your Twitter account, select Twitter from the drop-down and click Add. You're sent into Twitter and asked if you'd like to allow TypePad access to your Twitter account. Click Allow. You're sent back into TypePad and your Twitter account now appears in your list of other accounts (tutorial).
  2. To test the sharing, go to Blogs > (Your Blog) > Compose and write a test post. Your Twitter and Facebook accounts now show on the right under Share My Post.

    share post to twitter and facebook

    Check the boxes of the services you want to send your post. Click Publish.
  3. Go to your Twitter account and verify that the latest update is your post's title with a link to the full post on your blog.
  4. Go to your Facebook profile and verify that your latest post has been added to our profile.

Power tip: We have partnered with Bit.ly to give you real-time social media stats. When TypePad sends a post to Twitter or Facebook, we shorten your post's URL with Bit.ly which gives you instant information on where your traffic is coming from. Go to Overview > Bit.ly Traffic for the goods.

This traffic tip is part of our Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips series. Check back for our next tip tomorrow or stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.

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