TypePad Traffic Tip #9. Follow Others
Coming Tomorrow: Design Enhancements to Make TypePad Faster and Simpler

Social Media Optimization Checklist

We've added a bunch of features to TypePad to connect your blog to the social web to drive traffic and share your posts with your followers and friends.

Here's a checklist of settings to be sure you're taking full advantage of TypePad's social media optimization along with links to full tutorials on how to do them:

And as always, if you need any help setting these features up, please let us know by opening a help ticket with support or leaving a comment below.


Woody M. Collins

I would like to see more functionality in the sharing with Twitter. It would be nice to see more than just the post title. The post title and short preview followed by the shorten url.


The Tweet This feature desperately needs to make the URLs tiny. Is that planned for the future?

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