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TypePad Traffic Tip #1. Post More Often

Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips

top blogging tips

There's no such thing as too much traffic. You could read SEO blogs until your eyes fall out but the truth is you don't need a PhD in statistics to build your blog's traffic. It's pretty simple, really. To help you out, we've got the top ten things we tell our best friends to do for their blogs.

We've chopped it up into one tip a day. One quick, practical, click-here-do-this thing to do in the morning before your cereal gets soggy or at night before you floss.

Check your blog's stats now to com to your results in just ten days - the Big Reveal.

Come back to the blog daily or you can stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.

Tips so far:

Tip #1: Post More Often

Tip #2: Turn On Google Sitemaps

Tip #3: Invite Compliments with Favoriting

Tip #4: Build Your Following

Tip #5: Share Posts to Twitter and Facebook

Tip #6: Optimize Your Post Titles

Tip #7: Harness the Power of Twitter

Tip #8: Add Email Alerts

Tip #9: Follow Others

Tip #10: Reach Your Followers' Followers with Reblog and TypePad Micro



Looking forward to this series. Thank you in advance!


Yes, looking forward to reading about this. :)

Account Deleted

this is pretty exciting typepad ^^. thank you guys!


Cool initiative! Thank you, guys.

Denise Wakeman

As usual, all good stuff. Discovered the Favorites button a few weeks ago and immediately added it to all my blogs. Thanks for all the great new features you're adding.

Blog on!

Beacon Broadside

Great tips, thanks! But can I suggest that you all change the font on this blog? It's unreadable at any size. Yikes!

Steve Kaye

Thank you for this info and the wonderful features. I added them today.

Laurie Mattaliano

checking them off my list - thanks!

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