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TypePad Traffic Tip #8. Add Email Alerts

TypePad Traffic Tip #7. Harness the Power of Twitter

retweet button for typepad

Twitter is everywhere these days, so you never know when an avalanche of Twitter traffic will skyrocket your blog into the stratosphere. Encourage Twitter users to blast your posts out to their friends with the 'Tweet This' button.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Blogs > (Your Blog) > Design > Content. The Content page displays.
  2. Be sure you have Post Footer checked. Click on the Pencil icon for Post Footer. A pop-up displays.
  3. Check the checkbox for 'Tweet This'.

    check the box for tweetthis

    If you'd like this to appear as a button (instead of just a link), select the box to 'Show footer links as buttons?'.
  4. Click OK and the pop-up closes.
  5. Save Changes.
  6. View your blog to verify that the Tweet This button appears at the end of each post.

Power tip: To measure the impact of this check the "Recently Referred" in your Overview stats for traffic that came from

This traffic tip is part of our Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips series. Check back for our next tip tomorrow or stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.



When do you think you'll be adding a "stumbleupon" button?


I'll definitely pass that on to the product team. Thanks!

Claire, Plantpassion

If I Go into Blogs > (Your Blog) > Design > Content and check the post footer & click on the pencil I get something completely different with 10 links, - what am I doing wrong?


How do add this if you are using an Advanced Template Design?

The Zen Birdfeeder

It doesn't look like the Tweet allows me to even know someone tweeted my post. And is the hyperlink being shortened?

Laurie Mattaliano

just moving on! dreamy!

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