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TypePad Traffic Tip #3. Invite Compliments with Favoriting

add star ratings to your blog

Two weeks ago, we added Favoriting to the all new TypePad because it's fun to recognize and recommend great posts. When someone "Favorites" your post, TypePad lets everyone in their network know to come check out your awesome-ness.

How to enable Favorites:

  1. Go to Blogs > (Your Blog) > Design > Content. The Content page displays.
  2. Be sure you have Post Footer checked.

    check the post footer checkbox

  3. Click on the Pencil icon for Post Footer. A pop-up displays.
  4. Check the checkbox for Favorite.

    check the checkbox for favorites

    If you'd like this to appear as a button (instead of just a link), select the box to 'Show footer links as buttons.'
  5. Click OK and the pop-up closes.
  6. Save Changes.
  7. View your blog to verify that the Favorite button appears at the end of each post.

Power tip: Favorite the posts of other bloggers – who knows? They may well return the favor.

This traffic tip is part of our Top Ten TypePad Traffic Tips series. Check back for our next tip tomorrow or stay tuned by following us on TypePad, joining our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or grabbing the feed.


Account Deleted

Do you have any stats to back this assertion up?

I'm curious. Cause this doesn't sound like a recommendation. Sounds like you marketing a feature. To be honest, I don't think you can make these statements with only 2 weeks of having the feature out.


Hi Ted: We've been using Favorite in Alpha testing for a while now. It's definitely the most fun if you're following and are followed by more people.

As you grow your audience, follow more people, and have more people following you, favoriting sets off a chain reaction of visitors. It'll be interesting to see how people use is, and what customers like you think about how we could make it even better.

Laurie Mattaliano


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