TypePad Tuesday January 2010
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Chartbeat’s Real Time Analytics on TypePad

Chartbeat_media_logoEver wonder what people are looking at *right now* on your blog? Or where that flood of traffic is coming from? Thanks to Chartbeat, you now can know and respond. 

As real time web sites like Twitter, Facebook and TypePad drive sudden bursts of traffic to your blog, traditional analytics services leave many questions unanswered or give the answers a day late. Chartbeat takes a different approach to your site, capturing the activity of your visitors in real time and providing an appealing interface for reviewing the information. Chartbeat allows you to see where people came from and what they are viewing while they are looking at it.

Chartbeat Dashboard Example

Chartbeat is also your personal operations center, monitoring your blog performance with traffic alerts sent via email or text. Or, if you’re truly obsessive – we know some of you are! – you can monitor your traffic on your iPhone.

To see an example Chartbeat in action, check out fellow TypePad blogger Fred Wilson’s Chartbeat dashboard from AVC.com.

Typepad-chartbeat-statsWe’ve been impressed with the Chartbeat team and the service. They have created an easy-to-use TypePad widget to make installation and maintenance a breeze.

To help you to try it out, we’ve partnered with the Chartbeat team to offer a special 30% savings for TypePad Pro members.

To be eligible for the special offer, click the Chartbeat link from your blog Stats page (Dashboard > Blog Stats).

NOTE: Chartbeat is currently only available for TypePad Pro (Basic, Plus, Unlimited and Business Class) accounts.


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