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happy holidays from TypePad

Decorate Your Blog for the Holidays!

Looking for a great way to decorate your blog for the holidays?

We've put together a some images you can use to show off your seasonal cheer.  Here’s how easy it is to get your TypePad Micro blog (and Chroma-themed blog) in the holiday spirit:

  1. Save one of our holiday images – or one of your own – to your desktop.
  2. Go to the Design tab. If you’re using the Chroma theme, select Banner.
  3. Upload your Chroma-ready holiday image and select your color scheme.
  4. Celebrate!

Select an image:

  • Snowman-blue-chroma
  • Ornaments-green-chroma
  • Ornaments-pink-chroma
  • Kwanzaa-brown-chroma
  • Typepad-gingerbread-chroma
  • Hanukkah-blue-chroma
  • Snowflakes-blue-chroma

Share your designs!

And if you’re a designer and want to share some of your own TypePad Chroma or Mosaic designs, link them in the comments below. For Chroma, the image size is 300px by 225px. For Mosaic, the image size is 950px by 248px.

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