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Decorate Your Blog for the Holidays!

Looking for a great way to decorate your blog for the holidays?

We've put together a some images you can use to show off your seasonal cheer.  Here’s how easy it is to get your TypePad Micro blog (and Chroma-themed blog) in the holiday spirit:

  1. Save one of our holiday images – or one of your own – to your desktop.
  2. Go to the Design tab. If you’re using the Chroma theme, select Banner.
  3. Upload your Chroma-ready holiday image and select your color scheme.
  4. Celebrate!

Select an image:

  • Snowman-blue-chroma
  • Ornaments-green-chroma
  • Ornaments-pink-chroma
  • Kwanzaa-brown-chroma
  • Typepad-gingerbread-chroma
  • Hanukkah-blue-chroma
  • Snowflakes-blue-chroma

Share your designs!

And if you’re a designer and want to share some of your own TypePad Chroma or Mosaic designs, link them in the comments below. For Chroma, the image size is 300px by 225px. For Mosaic, the image size is 950px by 248px.

TypePad Motion 1.1.1 just released!

We just released Motion 1.1.1 code to Github and Pypi. This is primarily a release to fix bugs found subsequent to the Motion 1.1 release. If you are upgrading from Motion 1.1 to Motion 1.1.1, it should not affect any of your existing views or templates. If you are upgrading from Motion 1.0, please continue reading the Motion 1.1 release notes.

The bugs addressed in this release are:

  • Fixed a bug for the compose form affecting posting from Internet Explorer for users that have cross-posting options enabled.
  • Fixed a regression that left gaps in the event stream for deleted posts.
  • Fixed a caching bug affecting comment deletion.
  • Removed some unreferenced templates.

Also, the Moderation app was updated to version 1.0.2 to fix this issue:

  • Fixed a javascript bug preventing moderation panel use for Internet Explorer.

We did add one small feature with the Motion 1.1.1 release which was to add PubSubHubbub support for the Motion group event stream Atom feed. This allows feed readers that support that protocol to receive instant updates when new content is posted to a Motion group.

Party in Chicago!


Andy from the TypePad team (pictured with quality assurance cat, Astro) will be moderating a lunchtime discussion at the Word of Mouth Supergenius conference in Chicago this Wednesday. Here's the scoop:

You'll learn to be a fantastic word of mouth marketer with 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant authors - all in 1 day! You'll learn practical, hands-on techniques to get started, grow your program, and earn amazing word of mouth. With case studies from companies like Domino's Pizza, Starbucks, FreshBooks, Maker's Mark, Fiskar's, LEGO, Coca-Cola and Intuit.
We've also got a special discount code for you:

Use coupon code ANDYISMYHERO and get $101 off registration.

Full details here at

The best sites are "Featured on TypePad"

The TypePad Directory is the best way to discover new blogs and vibrant communities built on TypePad. Find inspiring and entertaining blogs to read, connect with others that share your passions and join wonderful new online communities!

Featured typepad sites

Power bloggers, destination sites powered by TypePad, and web developers creating new sites with TypePad Motion can all benefit from exposure on the TypePad Directory. Come by and say "Hi" to a  wonderful community of bloggers, developers and web denizens. 

Discover. Participate. Connect.

Chartbeat’s Real Time Analytics on TypePad

Chartbeat_media_logoEver wonder what people are looking at *right now* on your blog? Or where that flood of traffic is coming from? Thanks to Chartbeat, you now can know and respond. 

As real time web sites like Twitter, Facebook and TypePad drive sudden bursts of traffic to your blog, traditional analytics services leave many questions unanswered or give the answers a day late. Chartbeat takes a different approach to your site, capturing the activity of your visitors in real time and providing an appealing interface for reviewing the information. Chartbeat allows you to see where people came from and what they are viewing while they are looking at it.

Chartbeat Dashboard Example

Chartbeat is also your personal operations center, monitoring your blog performance with traffic alerts sent via email or text. Or, if you’re truly obsessive – we know some of you are! – you can monitor your traffic on your iPhone.

To see an example Chartbeat in action, check out fellow TypePad blogger Fred Wilson’s Chartbeat dashboard from

Typepad-chartbeat-statsWe’ve been impressed with the Chartbeat team and the service. They have created an easy-to-use TypePad widget to make installation and maintenance a breeze.

To help you to try it out, we’ve partnered with the Chartbeat team to offer a special 30% savings for TypePad Pro members.

To be eligible for the special offer, click the Chartbeat link from your blog Stats page (Dashboard > Blog Stats).

NOTE: Chartbeat is currently only available for TypePad Pro (Basic, Plus, Unlimited and Business Class) accounts.

TypePad Tuesday January 2010

The new year will soon be here and we're ready to help you blast your blog into the stratosphere!


Join us for our first TypePad Tuesday call to swap tactics, answer questions and learn how to get the post out of every post. We'll have the biggest brains on the TypePad team ready to answer any question or help solve any puzzle!

Join the Official AVATAR Community on TypePad to win AVATAR tickets, an Xbox 360 and more!


We’ve been counting down to the premiere of AVATAR, James Cameron’s epic 3-D adventure, ever since the trailer debuted early this fall, so you can imagine how excited we were to partner with Twentieth Century Fox to create The Official AVATAR Community on TypePad and an exclusive AVATAR-themed TypePad Micro blog.

The AVATAR community on TypePad is the perfect place for fans to share in the anticipation before the movie is released on December 18th and get the best AVATAR content from around the web. You can also see exclusive images, behind-the-scenes videos and real-time updates of AVATAR activity taking places on sites like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. 

Even better, when you join the community, you’re automatically entered to win a pair of AVATAR movie tickets. We’re giving away five pairs of tickets every day. Plus, every time you post to the community, you’ll get an entry to win an Xbox 360, AVATAR game, and other cool AVATAR prizes.

In addition to the community, true AVATAR fans can now show the world how passionate they are with a free AVATAR-themed TypePad Micro blog. As with all TypePad blogs, you can post from wherever you are, and update your Twitter and Facebook friends in the process.

AVATAR opens worldwide on December 18th, so what are you waiting for? Join the community now and enter to win!

What's your blogging wishlist for 2010?

We made our list and checked it twice – our tasks for 2009 are complete! This year, we launched TypePad Micro and a new design with lots of other amazing new features. We gave you a whole series of our top 10 tips and tricks for making your blog even better, and we're working on building our new Directory of awesome TypePad sites. 

It's almost a new year, and time for more new ideas. What would you like to TypePad to offer in 2010?  Share your wish list with us in the comments.

TypePad Services is One! Help Us Give the Gift of Giving Back

TypePad Services is one year old! On December 2, 2008, TypePad Services had our first paying customer. Since then we've helped over 200 TypePad members make their blogs better, whether through a Tune-Up, a Power Launch, or a custom design service. We hope that you'll consider purchasing one of our services and helping make our second year even more successful than our first!

To celebrate, we would like to give back to the community, and we need your help! We are looking for a non-profit organization that has a blog on TypePad (or that would like to) that we can provide a Tune-Up or Power Launch service to for free.

If you know of such a non-profit, please leave a comment on this post with the following information:

* Name of the organization
* URL of their TypePad blog or their website
* Why you think they should win

This contest is open until December 15. We will review all the entries and announce the winner on December 21.

Thanks in advance to everybody who participates.

Update 12/21/09: The contest is officially closed, and we have selected a winner, the Jefferson Tanner Memorial Fund! The winner and all nominees have been contacted. Thanks to everybody who took the time to nominate a non-profit.