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TypePad Motion 1.1.1 just released!

We just released Motion 1.1.1 code to Github and Pypi. This is primarily a release to fix bugs found subsequent to the Motion 1.1 release. If you are upgrading from Motion 1.1 to Motion 1.1.1, it should not affect any of your existing views or templates. If you are upgrading from Motion 1.0, please continue reading the Motion 1.1 release notes.

The bugs addressed in this release are:

  • Fixed a bug for the compose form affecting posting from Internet Explorer for users that have cross-posting options enabled.
  • Fixed a regression that left gaps in the event stream for deleted posts.
  • Fixed a caching bug affecting comment deletion.
  • Removed some unreferenced templates.

Also, the Moderation app was updated to version 1.0.2 to fix this issue:

  • Fixed a javascript bug preventing moderation panel use for Internet Explorer.

We did add one small feature with the Motion 1.1.1 release which was to add PubSubHubbub support for the Motion group event stream Atom feed. This allows feed readers that support that protocol to receive instant updates when new content is posted to a Motion group.

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