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Looking Forward to a Great 2010

Confetti-Filled Thank You

Just a personal note from me with some news that's both sad and happy. While it's sad to say that I'll be stepping aside in my official capacity as community manager soon, I'm happy to say that I'm not going far. I'll be helping our friends (and neighbors!) at Get Satisfaction as a community and account manager. I know I'll see all of you participating over in the TypePad forums there, right?

A huge, ginormous, *confetti*-filled THANK YOU to everyone in the TypePad community. You've all been an integral part of my path as a community manager, and a huge part of my life at Six Apart. It's been a pleasure and a delight to get to know so many of you: via your blogs, in person, running into you on the street...you're all amazing. I'm so proud to be part of this community, and happy that you're here too.

We've got some great community manager prospects on deck for the new TypePad One team, but if you know someone in the Bay Area that you know would be great, please let us know. It's an amazing place to work, with some of the smartest people I've had the good fortune to work with.

Here's a little snapshot of my life over the past 5+ years at Six Apart:

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LC McCarty

Good luck in 2010 with all your endeavors.
Today is my first day on this site and I am glad to have found a site where I can just "blog". As I wrote in my profile, I am an ER nurse and after 12 hours on duty I look for ways to just unwind and sometimes just want to jot down my thoughts.
However, I have learned one thing today...Preview. That way I won't see that my "brain fog" is so thick that I wrote cooler whether while meaning cooler weather as I wrote in "Backyard Birding".
In truth I have fibromyalgia fog, a term for the forgetful episodes that I have in middle of conversations. I can't remember names of friends and family members and have to sit and scroll the rolladex in my mind to come up with the lost information. Sometimes this comes quickly, other times it takes 30 minutes or longer. Now I find it isn't only in the verbal communication but I think one thing and write yet another and do a lot of backspacing. I can now fully emphasize with Alzheimer's patients who may fully understand something but there bodies no longer work in conjunction with their thoughts.
But this blog was not to drone on about myself, but to say best wishes for 2010 and thank you for the site.

Account Deleted

Grats on your next job. :-) I may have a potential candidate for you, but it depends on how much experience you're looking for. Would it be possible to know a few more details of the job requirements? (You can contact me at acidforblood@gmail.com.) Cheers. :-)

A Twitter User

Aww you've been a great community manager!


You have been , indeed, a great community manager, Ginevra, and if I once said there's no community on TypePad, I do apologise. That was before I discovered the great job you have done on the new TypePad. Congratulations on your new job and may 2010 be filled with only great moments for you. Happy New Year or as we say in Greek : Kali Xronia! Filakia!xxxxxx


Thank you so much, Anastasia! :)


Thank you back! I really appreciate the well-wishes. :)

sent from my phone


Thanks for everything. Its been wonderful to get to know you!

Jeff Korhan

Ginevra - You have been a shining light in my Typepad experience. Thank you for all of your help, and best wishes in your new community endeavor.

But don't forget that and all of these communities eventually merge into one. So, I'm sure I'll run into you again.

Be well,



Thanks for all you've done for the Typepad community. Good luck in your new position.


Ginevra, for me, TypePad won't be the same without you. You have been fearless and friendly in the face of not only cranky but downright rude. I am going to miss your voice on the TypePad Team. (I'll have to break in whoever fills your shoes. :p)

I hope the new year and new job bring you all that you could wish for and more.



Grats on your next job and thanks for all you've done at TypePad. I enjoyed working with you and meeting you last year. All the best.

Brian Hines

Ginevra, I'm sorry to learn you're leaving TypePad. You'll be missed. I deeply appreciate how responsive you were to my questions and concerns, always getting back to me quickly, even when this was late at night and after "working hours" (assuming there is such a thing at TypePad). Get Satisfaction is fortunate to get you.

sara girlscantell

lady ginevra! i'm late to the party (where have been for the past week?), but yay! and awww! of course, you'll be missed, but i'm so happy to hear about your new gig!
best wishes and have fun!


thanks you, miss lady! :) You rock. I found a postcard that reminded me of you at the coffeeshop this morning - I'll have to send it your way.

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