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Confetti-Filled Thank You

Just a personal note from me with some news that's both sad and happy. While it's sad to say that I'll be stepping aside in my official capacity as community manager soon, I'm happy to say that I'm not going far. I'll be helping our friends (and neighbors!) at Get Satisfaction as a community and account manager. I know I'll see all of you participating over in the TypePad forums there, right?

A huge, ginormous, *confetti*-filled THANK YOU to everyone in the TypePad community. You've all been an integral part of my path as a community manager, and a huge part of my life at Six Apart. It's been a pleasure and a delight to get to know so many of you: via your blogs, in person, running into you on the street...you're all amazing. I'm so proud to be part of this community, and happy that you're here too.

We've got some great community manager prospects on deck for the new TypePad One team, but if you know someone in the Bay Area that you know would be great, please let us know. It's an amazing place to work, with some of the smartest people I've had the good fortune to work with.

Here's a little snapshot of my life over the past 5+ years at Six Apart:

Picture 1

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