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Help UNICEF Raise Money for Haiti Relief Efforts

Design Within Reach is matching donations to UNICEF to help the victims of the devastating earthquake. To make your donation go farther, visit the DWR blog and follow the donation link. (To learn more about UNICEF's efforts, visit the UNICEF blog.)

If there are other matching donations or other ways to help around the TypePad community, leave a comment and let others know.



Currclick is matching homeschoolers' donations (and I assume anybody else's) to aid Haiti via World Vision - http://tinyurl.com/yatynf7

Mark Simmons

Thanks for sharing, Alicia.


i hope they get the help they need

anne roddick

Hi, just found this site by accident and I don't even understand what it is for, I hope this is not going to cost me any money, as I have none, but what I do have is a Partner Programme fundraiser which I think would be great for your Unicef Haiti fund.
go to www.clubdubli.net/3848654
I hope I can help you guys

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test tesste

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