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TypePad for the iPhone: Update Now Available

TypePad for iPhone Settings The latest upgrade to the TypePad for iPhone application is now available for download in the iTunes App Store. The free TypePad iPhone application works for all TypePad blogs, including Micro.

New features:
  • Automatically include location information in posts. You can set this up in the new settings section.
  • Update Twitter when new posts are published.
  • More control of your photo size and quality sent from your iPhone.
Bug fixes:
  • Improvements to overall stability and user experience.

Go check out TypePad for the iPhone now. >


St├ęphane Rangaya

Awesome ! It'd be really awesome to be able to upload videos too!

serge the concierge

What happened to Typepad for Blackberry?


It's not on itunes yet!?!? I tried to look for it but it is still version 1.1

The Typepad Team

Hello, Ore.

The 1.1 (or 1,1 as it is listed) is the latest TypePad update for the iPhone. Go ahead and give it a try.


OK - great - I just looked at the release date and the post date and I thought there was something newer. Thank You!

Catch Banana

I am trying to delete my account but it won't let me.
Every time I request, it comes up with an error page.
I am frustrated and see no other way of bringing it to your attention.

Account Deleted

I love TypePad. I also think you guys can do a lot better on the app. For example, the PicPosterous app already supports video. I'd love to see video capability added to the app next update and I also can't wait to see the photo/video improvement you've hinted are coming for the main TypePad site.


Does this work on Android?

Mark Simmons

This app is specifically for the iPhone.

For Android, you can point your browse to We have a mobile web optimized experience.

For composing a post, we recommend using the improved post-by-email experience. You can find your secret email on your blog overview page. To learn more about posting by email, check out this article:

Let me know if you have questions.

Mark Simmons

Thanks for the video suggestion. It's definitely on our roadmap.

Mark Simmons

Hello, Serge.

For Blackberry users who are having trouble with the blackberry app, I'm recommending the mobile web experience and using the improved post-by-email to blog.


It would be AWESOME if we could upload videos! I also noticed that I couldn't view my posts as viewed on a web browser..? :T

Account Deleted

Thanks Mark. Is Facebook integration on your list too? It would be great to send posts created on the iPhone app to both Twitter and Facebook. Thx!

PS. I know I could just tie my Twitter and FB status updates together but I'm at a point where I want to keep them separate so choice of the two would be great.

The Diet Guy

When I load up the application I put in my correct details and it just says UNEXPECTED ERROR and doesn't log in :-(

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