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Looking for a way to give your blog a new look? A well-designed font can help give your blog personality, and help it stand out in the crowd.  We've partnered with Typekit, a great new company that's bringing professional fonts to the web, to help you integrate Typekit fonts into your TypePad Unlimited blog...and bring you a discount on their services!


Typekit is a subscription-based service that takes advantage of new capabilities in modern web browsers to bring high-quality, fully licensed fonts to your blog -- even if your readers don't have those fonts installed on their computers.  For example, check out what these great TypePad bloggers have done with Typekit...


Typekit offers hundreds fonts from world-renowned foundries like FontFont, ps.type.lab, Chank!, fonthead, Mark Simonson and more.  There's bound to be one there that will help you spruce up your blog.

To get started, create a Typekit account.  Their Trial plan is free, and gives you access to more than 100 popular Typekit fonts.  Their paid pricing plans start at $7 a month, give you many more fonts to choose from, let you embed more fonts on your site...and Typekit's offering an annual pricing discount for TypePad bloggers.

Once you have a Typekit account, we've made it easy for you to connect your TypePad blog to your Typekit account -- so that you don't have to worry about copy and pasting JavaScript or inserting code into your templates.  To configure Typekit on your blog, log in to TypePad, select your blog and click the "Settings" tab.  Select "Add-ons" from the left navigation menu, and you'll see "Typekit Fonts" and a place to add your Typekit Kit ID.  Then in Typekit's Kit editor, you can choose the CSS classes on your blog that will have custom fonts.

We're excited to see how you use it!
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