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Release Notes: Bug Fixes, New Theme, and Category RSS in Beta

The last few months have been full of important-but-not-easy-to-blog-about infrastructure releases that keep TypePad running super fast. We also have some of the most requested features moving through the pipeline that will be headed to the Beta team in the next few weeks.

And we’re always working on improvements to the core functionality of TypePad. Here are some that were released this week:

  •  New TweetPad theme. Stay tuned for more information about this cool new theme.
  • Your five most recently joined communities now display on your TypePad profile membership page. Looking for some cool communities to check out? Go visit Post the Love, AVATAR, Paris Hilton, or Zachary Quinto and see what’s happening.

Now in Beta
  • New styling for dashboard events to make it easier to scan the activity of people you are following
  • Ability to enable Category RSS in your blog
  • A fix that allows Category RSS to work with domain mapped URLs

Bug Fixes of Note:
  • Fixed a bug that caused some blogs to show zero page views for February 1, 2010
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inline audio player to break with mp3 files
  • Improved the Follow Me module experience
  • Developer fix: Fixed a bug that caused errors when editing details of an API key
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