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Love is All Around: Valentine's Day Interview with Susie Bright

Show Some Blogger Love <3

Valentine’s Day(!) is just around the corner. What better way to say thanks to your blogosphere than to leave feedback on your favorite blogs? Here are some ways to show the love:

  1. Leave a comment: Even if all you have to say is "I love your post!" everyone loves to hear feedback from their readers.
  2. Favorite a post: Let the blog owner -- and everyone in your network -- know you love their post by making it a Favorite.
  3. Reblog a post: There’s no bigger compliment than sharing great posts with your network. Use the bookmarklet or Reblog button to
  4. Follow someone new: Find a new blog to read this month.
That’s all it takes! Now get out there and dish out those compliments.


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Happy Valentine All! To make it a more memorable, why not try this recipe, 'Valentine Cookie Made The Quick And Simple Way' with friends and family. http://www.sefermpost.com/sefermpost/2010/02/valentine-cookie-made-the-quick-and-simple-way.html

Kofla Olivieri

That is an excellent idea. Too bad I can't find any other Typepad blogs, only the limited number of blogs listed on the "featured blogs & communities" section.

The Typepad Team

Thanks for the feedback. I agree...and we're working on ways to make it easier to find other bloggers. Stay tuned.

Reflection Agency

What a lovely tool! Thank you

serge the concierge

I agree with Kofla

Will find bloggers whose stories I want to show love for to be published later today or tomorrow.

I posted 2 Valentine's Day stories today

Year of the Tiger, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day share the Spotlight in 2010

Shower your Valentine with Bubbles on February 14, Part 1, Prosecco

Happy Saint Valentin

'The French Guy from New Jersey'

The Typepad Team

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

LC McCarty

I agree, everyone likes to at least know their blogs are read. I am not a professional or business blogger. I just find it relaxing to put my thoughts into the written word.
I will be more diligent about writing comments when I read someone's blog.

Account Deleted

Bon, vous ne connaissez pas le français, la meilleure langue au monde. Donc on ne peut pas se comprendre vu que d'autre part vote anglais est incompréhensible.


Thanks We have also posted some blogs on Valentine's Day Gifting.


Happy Valentine Day


I wrote a post about spreading the love ...

Heather Henry Rawlins

I wrote a post about spreading the love, too!!


H. Mark Delman

I also agree with Kofia. It would be nice to have a directory by category.

http://www.PlanterTomato.com - heirloom vegetable blog.

Account Deleted

HAPPY Valentine's Day from Canadian Forces boy up in Canada.


Stephanie Monroe

Love is such a beautiful thing, share some. I shared mine with my sweetheart and put it on the wall.

God Space

Happy Valentine Day - I wish you all the Best of Days...
God so loved the world…
That the world through Him might be saved.
The Light of God has come into the world and
As many as believed in the Light. Learned to
Walk in the Light as He is in the Light.
They have come into a knowledge of the truth.
And the Truth of God will set you free, to know
That God is Light.
If we say that we have fellowship with Him,(God)
And walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the Truth.
But if we walk in the Light as He is in the Light,
we have fellowship with one another and the Blood of Jesus Christ,
His Son cleanses us from all sin.

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Happy Valentine Day


It's a good reminder, thanks. It's so easy to idly read blogs and move on, and I we all know how encouraging it is to hear from readers. Even if it's just a "favourite" click. I'm with the others above - it will be really nice to have a source to search other Typepad blogs, other than your relatively small list. We love to support one another!


Happy Valentine's Day.


Build your Valentine's day gift wishlist to share with your partner on Wishler, at http://www.wishler.com You can add items from stores anywhere online to one central list!

Bailey Alexander; An American in Piemonte

well ok then, Happy Valentine's Day!


p/s: And of course, happy year of the Tiger :-)

Account Deleted

I HEART Suggestion #1. The best!

Lily Iris

happy valentine's day everyone :)

One Year Monk

I would love to. I can't figure out how to search Typepad for blogs, tho. There's no directory, as far as I can tell. the featured blogs page has like 20 blogs on it, but there's no place,
as far as I can tell,
to do keyword searches to search typepad for blogs similar to your own.

I have searched and searched for this. I am probably an idiot, but it really feels like that sort of function should be here: http://featured.typepad.com/

After all, when you click on the "Find more" page next to the "Great Bloggers to Follow" list on your Typepad Dashboard, that's where the links goes.

Shouldn't it lead to a way where you actually can find more rather than looking at Typepads (static) list of recommendations???


I totally agree! I've been frustrated and disappointed to. I can't follow any of my friends...only the featured blogs...and I'm not a groupie or wannabe of any of those.

Account Deleted



Lots of great blogs and people out there.. really nice to meet some new people and learn lots of great stuff.


www.crowbarwarrior.com check it out!

Kent Roberts

I am knew to blogging and look forward to checking out some of the other blogs out there... Comedy blog (author/Onion & NY Times contributor) -- http://sillyoldfool.typepad.com/


Me too very difficult to find other typepaders!



Hi, I'm Nikita Cat, of Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

I'd like to toss in my 2 cents on the issue of Followers.

I'd love to find my fellow Cat Bloggers on Typepad, but don't have a clue how.

Oh, and I know I speak for Daddy, and his 2 blogs, Musings of a Mad Macedonian, and The Cycling Dude....

He has gotten some followers, but like on Twitter, these people seem to be just "name/link gatherers", writing on nothing he's interested in, if at all, and he can't fathom why they are even following him at all.

He wonders if there is a way to block people from friending/following him.

Serena Armstrong

I'm so glad to know others are finding this frustrating too! I finally took off my 'follow me' button, as no one wanted to complete the typepad profile first.

Sasha from CaricatureMan.com

Caricaturizingly Yours !


Happy valentines day. Thanks for the post.


Mark Simmons

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we agree there should be more ways to find people. Stay tuned.

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