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TypePad Motion on Google App Engine and Jumpbox

TypePad Motion now available on Google App Engine

TypePad Motion is an open source community micro-blogging application built on the TypePad Platform. We're delighted to announce that it's even easier for developers to launch a TypePad Motion community on Google's App Engine. App Engine lets you run your web apps on Google servers with easy to build, easy to maintain and easy to scale infrastructure. Best of all, it's free (for small sites and low bandwidth usage). App Engine is a quick way to get started on TypePad Motion. We are releasing a beta of our latest TypePad Motion software for Google App Engine - you can download the software and instructions from, and get started today (Here is a quick link to Download Motion-gae). In addition, we've ported an existing Motion site from to  Motion on Google App Engine so you can see a preview of Motion on App Engine for yourself.

TypePad Motion on Jumpbox

Jumpbox is a ready-to-deploy virtual computer that contains a pre-configured instance of an application. Self-contained, secure and optimized - it gives you the value of Open Source software without the headaches.  You can download (181 MB) the latest Jumpbox image for TypePad Motion 1.1.1.

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Account Deleted

como puedo hacer para que el Typepad me "siga"?.

Kim Ficera


I was reading this post and then noticed the "Recent Posts" list in the sidebar. I like the way that looks -- especially given the inclusion of the dates. Will you share that code so that I can add that to my own blog. I'm working with Advanced Templates.


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