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Are fashion bloggers too grabby?

There is a great discussion going on today over at one of our favorite blogs, BobbinTalk. Aneta raises some interesting questions around the ethics of blogging vs. editorial/advertorial for fashion reviews. Should fashion bloggers expect free samples for reviews?

We love her suggestion that bloggers should operate with the professionalism of a media company and be very clear about their audience reach and demographics. A designer should be able to assess the return on investment they can expect but they should also have a clear audience in mind. 

We'd love to hear what other bloggers, fashion or otherwise, have to say on this matter. Be sure to check out the full post.

Bobbin Talk

"I've been thinking about this post for a few days now. The initial nudge came from a comment of a reader on the Bloggers Vs. Editors post. There is a lot of buzz about fashion bloggers not being treated equally to editors and being accused of taking gifts in return for positive reviews of products and fashion collections, but it it never dawned my mind that bloggers can actually be pushy, greedy or demanding. How do designers view us, bloggers? Here is what one emerging designer: Tricia Hoke encounters in her efforts to promote a fashion line."

via www.bobbintalk.com

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