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Using Twitter to Boost TypePad Affiliate Commission

Twitter is a great way to get the word out about your blog and increase traffic. It can also be useful for boosting affiliate revenue if you are part of the TypePad affiliate program. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind on Twitter best practice.


Marketing Best Practices

  • Calls to action: Include strong directions in your tweets to encourage people to click through.
  • Don’t Spam:  If you over do it, it will take away from your promotions.  Spamming will reduce the effectiveness of all your marketing, and make followers less likely to pay attention to your posts. Make sure to only tweet with new news or at least a new slant.
  • Limited Time Offers:  Many of our promotions are limited time offers. By highlighting expiration dates, you can encourage potential customers to sign up soon.
  • Tell People Why You Love TypePad: Don’t just tweet about why people should buy a blog, tweet about why you like TypePad blogs.  By telling personal experiences you have had with TypePad, readers will be able to relate to what makes TypePad so great!

Interacting with Followers

  • Include Initial Tweet in your response:  If you are responding to a comment about your tweet, make sure to include the initial tweet in your response.  This keeps the original idea in focus.
  • Direct Messaging: Do you have a lot of followers?  If so, try direct messaging them.  If you see one of them has a post related to launching a blog, message them and suggest they use TypePad.  Watch out for people tweeting about blogging and respond with offers.
  • Shorten message length:  Keep below 125 characters, so you can be retweeted.  Lowering the characters will allow room for spaces and usernames.


  • Retweet:  Tweets can get lost in the page.  If you tweeted about something on a Friday night, it is likely that it may get lost by Monday.  You can retweet an idea to make sure followers see your tweets.  Just make sure to reword your tweet, so it doesn't get too repetitive.
  • Time of Tweets:  Think about what time your followers are likely to be on Twitter. Optimize views by timing tweets to when you expect a lot of users to be online.  For example, if you are tweeting to followers who are likely to be checking while at work, it is probably not a good idea to post a lot of tweets on a Friday night.  Instead, try tweeting around 10 am PST so you can capture people getting to work on the west coast and coming back from lunch on the east coast.

URLS and Landing Pages

  • Landing Pages: Think about where you are landing visitors once they click through a URL.  Land visitors on a relevant page with content about TypePad.   There should be Commission Junction (CJ) banners or links that are easy for them to access.  Better yet, include a shortened CJ link in your tweet.
  • Shorten URLs:  Shortening a URL will allow you to utilize characters in your tweets.  People are also more likely to click on a URL when it is short and clean.  When URLs look long and messy, people may suspect them of containing viruses and are less likely to click on them.
  • URL Tracking:  Track data about URL clicks. will shorten your URLs and track data about how many clicks you have had. is great because it is also free and built into TypePad when you share your posts to Twitter Have a go on your next tweet.

Example Tweets: Here are some ideas!

  • Loving TypePad. It gives me complete control of design. Curious? I have a discount code [include link to your site or the code itself]
Any other pearls of wisdom on Twitter? We'd love you to share them in the comments.
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