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Creative Tip: Integrating Your Etsy Shop on Your TypePad Blog

From personal to business, crafting to causes, and a blend of all those in between, a plethora of bloggers have found their home at TypePad. My name is Brianna. I'm a member of your TypePad One Support team, and I'm a small-business craft blogger.

My blog, The Yarn Side, focuses on my foray into the world of turning my love of dyeing yarn and fiber, for fellow knitters and crocheters, into a real business.

One of the most important features I needed the blog to have, however, was an integration with a storefront. I had already been using Etsy, and knew of the Etsy mini widget, but I needed it to do more than sit in the sidebar. 

As a member of the TypePad One Support team, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Most noticeably, however, is the display of the Etsy widget between my banner and post content. This makes sure that the small gallery of my shop items, which link to their listings, are one of the first things my visitors see. This is accomplished by using settings mentioned in our Display Content Above Banner article for TypePad Pro.

My favorite thing about integrating my shop and blog is that my visitors can quickly, and easily access my work--first by reading about shop updates, clubs, or how-to's, and then clicking associated shop links so that they can buy the items I discussed.

Are you a craft blogger? Do you sell your work? We'd love to see how you have integrated your shop with your blog! If you haven't done so yet, then you should definitely read more about adding the Etsy mini widget to your blog or setting yourself up as an Etsy seller so you can turn your crafting passion into a business you love!

/ Posted by Brianna, The Yarn Side

PS. Do you know someone who with an Etsy shop? Help them find new customers and take their shop to the next level with a TypePad blog.

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