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Easy blogging with the Blog It bookmarklet and Google Chrome Extension


One of the easiest ways to post to your TypePad blog is through "Blog It," our bookmarklet for TypePad. When you're browsing the web and find something interesting to share with your blog's readers, with just one click Blog It will automatically select interesting text or images on the page, allow you to add your own notes and quickly publish it to your blog. And if you've connected your TypePad account to Twitter or Facebook, you can automatically send a notification about your new post to your friends on those networks. The Blog It bookmarklet is available for all TypePad bloggers, regardless of your account level.

Installing the Blog It bookmarklet is easy, just visit your blog's Overview tab, and look for it in the right hand side of the page. You can learn more about Blog It and watch a screencast of how to use it in the TypePad Help Center.

Blog It for Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a great new browser from Google for Mac, Windows and Linux. The TypePad team loves it because it's speedy, stable and has a bunch of great features that are great for bloggers. If you're a Google Chrome user, we've made it easy for you to blog from Chrome, by making Blog It available as a Google Chrome Extension. You can install the extension with one click from the Google Chrome Extensions gallery, and once you do you'll have a TypePad icon in your browser toolbar, which acts just like the Blog It Bookmarklet.

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I love Blog It!!! I've already installed it and tried it. This is a blogger's best tool. Thanks for offering it to us.


Good application. I have been using chrome for a while now and I use the blog it extension frequently.

Account Deleted

Aren't you inadvertently promoting copyright violations here? Not all the material that appears online is published under Creative Commons or similar licensing, hence can not just be used as it is, even if in tiny portions.


I already have blog it on my toolbar and find it very useful. Don't use it a lot but good to have it there when I spot something I find interesting

Account Deleted

I don't think they are promoting copyright violations. Blog it ---is just a tool for getting some "inspiration" from the net. Bloggers find ideas from the net and blog about it---by giving an opinion, discuss it, rehash it, make a story about it, announce it...etc.

Like I do, if I find some news article around the net or some article that relates to my personal experience here in America, I post about it, citing that article. Or some post that may inspire me to write my own views about it, I'll blog and write about it.

That's not copyright violation---there are still "intelligent people/bloggers" who know what plagiarism is or what copyright is. They just don't blog a material and copy it word -for-word and claim it as if theirs.

Even your blog posts are not "fictional" and just a fragment of your imagination. Your posts are taken from information that you probably derive from the net. But you did not copy them. So it's not a copyright violation or plagiarism.

Some bloggers are just getting ideas from what they read, hear and see on the net. Just like you and me....So relax....

Happy Lashes

hmm,just getting started, i'm going to try it out, but first i have to learn the basics, :)

Account Deleted

Instead of going through the post published by the Typepad team first, you instead just decided to comment on what I had written in the original comment. Below is the text taken from the actual post by the Typepad team:

"with just one click Blog It will automatically select interesting text or images on the page, allow you to add your own notes and quickly publish it to your blog."

Because I have not used it myself, hence I am not entirely sure how it does it, but on the basis of the text which I have taken from their post, chances that an uninformed person may end up believing that including anything published on the net in one's post happens to be fair game do exist, in the process leading to copyright violations.

I am not going to question whether intelligent people blog or not, but one must take into account that not everyone using a particular service has all the information available needed to make an informed decision which would prove to be beyond reproach.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Thanks so much for finally doing this! I've been using Chrome for over a year now...LOVE IT!

The Typepad Team

Our pleasure Ariane. Great to hear these positive reviews for Chrome.

Frank Warner

Don't send me this spam.

Werner Patels

I tried Chrome when it first came out and was disappointed. I uninstalled it very quickly. At the time it left a lot to be desired (even some basic features common to all other browsers were missing in the early days, such as 'Home' navigation button).

But about two months ago, I downloaded and installed it again, and now I just love it. It loads much faster (on opening Chrome and also with respect to the loading speed of web pages) than Firefox (or, certainly, IE).

Account Deleted

i just love it............

Flo Dunning

i want to be removed from this blogsite how do i do this?

Claire Alcock

Hi Flo - do you want to stop the updates from the TypePad team appearing in your blog? If so, go to our profile and select "unfollow" if you don't see unfollow then select "Follow" then sign in to TypePad and then hit unfollow.

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