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Spreading the love with the affiliate program

TypePad has an active affiliate program that is now supported by a dedicated team.

If you are interested in earning some pocket money you'll find a ton of good advice on this blog in the Affiliate category - be sure to check back for regular updates on how, who, what and when.

What is the TypePad Affiliate Program?

Everyday we spend budget on advertising to get the word out about TypePad but we know our best recommendations come directly from you, our customers. If you are helping us with our marketing efforts we'd like to say thanks.

So here's the deal

Sign up for the program and every customer you send us = $30. It's that simple.

Every time a new customer signs up for a TypePad Pro account through a link on your site, you get a $30 commission. Just click here to sign up. Fill out your information and start adding banners and links to your site. You can also get more information about the program by visiting the TypePad affiliate page

Become and affiliate

Want to learn more about affiliates?  Post questions in the comments section or contact us directly at [email protected].


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