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TypePad Test Kitchen Update

We have been cooking up some new features in the TypePad test kitchen with our beta testing team recently. We were so excited that we couldn't keep them to ourselves. Here's a sneak peak into some new tools coming soon.

In site search

We've had a ton of requests for in site search and now..... it's here (almost)! Soon you will be able to add a search bar to your blog that will allow a reader to search your blog posts and comments within the blog itself (you currently need to use an alternative like Lijit or Google). Here is an example of in site search in the wild.

Reblog gets better

We love ways to help your ideas spread beyond the confines of your blog. Reblog has helped this happen to a certain extent but now we've given it super powers. Read more on the beta blog

Follow me module design improvements

The Follow Me module can be added to any blog to grow your audience across the TypePad network. Adding the module is now easier than before as it adapts to your design without you having to fiddle with design specs. Read More.

Excited? We are. We'll let you know when these have passed the final tests and are ready to be served up.


Anil Dash

Hmm, the no-results page on searches says:

Sorry, there were no results returned for [term]:

* Check the spelling on your search
* Try using less or more general keywords

That should be "Try using fewer or more general keywords". Or, better:

Sorry, there were no results returned for [term] -- check your spelling, or try something less specific! :)

Walt Grayson

Thanks Anil! :)

Nima Badiey

I've said this before and I'll say it again - Reblog and the Blog-it Bookmarklet are my absolutely favorite features (this month). I love it.


I'd be excited if you would, after a now two year crusade to see this issue get corrected, go back to the original method used for posting images to our blogs without the dreaded 'Display your image at full size, scaled to the width of the column' default.
Why not simply offer an 'original size' option instead of stretching an image out of proportion (especially for people who have extra wide columns) or forcing users to manually enter the correct original image size every time they post?

Account Deleted

I'm really excited about native search functionality!

Richard Jang

I hope we can also add html code/javascript to in between the Navigation Bar and Blog Post. Blogger has done it and I hope Typepad will be able to do it.


the search feature sounds great

The Handmade Project

I tried an alphabet soup of html code to create a search function--and it did not work. I design crafts, not webs. This is great addition.


The in site search function is pretty awesome typepad ^^. So excited to experience the feature already :) You guys Rock!

Claire Alcock

We are pretty psyched too! We'll be releasing advanced template docs soon.

Claire Alcock

Ha! and we're mainly tech engineers not craftistas! You can leave that soup for us. Glad you approve :)

Claire Alcock

Thanks Samjien. Are you already a beta tester?

Claire Alcock

Thanks Richard, I'll take this back to the team for discussion.


The new features are nice. I am in the beta for the back end dashbkard that allows for posting pics from a URL. I reallylike the idea of the "slideshow" feature, however, to does not post properly. Ideas on a timeframe to correct that?

thanks and keep up the good work.

Claire Alcock

Hi Richard - Good news! you can now do this using the "advanced" setting on the navigation bar. Here is a knowledge base article on this you might find useful.


Good luck and open a ticket if you need any help with this


Thanks for the feedback. Can you provide more information as to what's not working on the "slideshow" feature?

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