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Our Kind of Holiday: Ada Lovelace Day

Ada_mug Today is Ada Lovelace Day, and it involves two of our favorite things: honoring women in tech and...blogging about it, of course!  Ms. Lovelace is credited as the world's first programmer, and, honestly, who doesn't want to blog about that?  With our shiny new Search API's, we looked up the posts on the subject spanning our whole blogoverse, and more than a few of them are worth sharing.

danablankenhorn wrote a lovely post honoring his coder wife, Jenni, and donna_ekart put the spotlight on her Aunt Karen, an engineer of launch pads. Salesforce honored their own while Alice highlighted the amazing talents of gamer Margaret Robertson. One author shared snippets about Ada-inspired women from his upcoming book celebrating global innovators. A Journalism instructor at the University of West England declares the phrase "I'm rubbish at computers" just plain unacceptable.  Mike Gil's post included the fabulous photo you see here -- and he receives double bonus points for using the phrase "Enchantress of Numbers" in a sentence!

Even the honorees got into their own Ada-blogging: Mrs. MaltaGirl wrote about her own adventures in tech, and CherylMcKinnon gave a whole lot of thanks to professional mentors, role models, and supporters over the years.

Six Aparters acknowledged the day with posts of their own.  David reblogged Gina's encouragement to Code Something Meaningful, and as a lover of all things meta, I posted code for a widget showing TypePad's latest Ada Lovelace posts.

This holiday may only be one day a year, but it's not too late to get credit for it in our books: fire up your Compose editor, and share your own Ada posts here in the comments.  We're more than willing to keep this movement rolling year-round.

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