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Developer update: Use the Twitter and Twitpic APIs on TypePad!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Twitter and Twitpic compatible APIs. These new APIs make it easy for existing Twitter and Twitpic clients (such as mobile and desktop apps) to support TypePad. You can test the latest API endpoints with any app that allows you to set a custom API URL, such as Tweetie 2 from Atebits.

Documentation and Additional Resources:
Need the technical detail? Go to the TypePad Developer Resources and reference the available documentation. Are you a developer or interested in working with other TypePad developers? Join the TypePad Developer Network and be a part of the conversation.



why when i go to 'unfollow' you (even though I never "followed" you) there is no "unfollow" button -- only a "follow" button?

no wonder you have 550k followers eh?

Nima Badiey

you can unfollow the TypePad Team directly from their profile page here:

Account Deleted

I'm trying iphone app to write post to, but I can authorize with facebook, there is no options in client. can I write post in blog connected with facebook account?

Jonathan Matsumoto

well, they made it (so thus they can do what they want), and what if they were to post something important and no one got it?


Is there a way to have a background image on your typepad blog?


Nevermind... figured it out. Is the account/update_profile_background_image method from the Twitter API implemented? I think I'd like to use it if it is.

Account Deleted

si soy yo

Michael Misaa

ola soi misa pero me dicen michael asi ke dejame un comentario

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