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Developer update: The Search API is here!

We are excited to announce the new TypePad Search API  as part of TypePad's growing suite of APIs. You can now search across all public TypePad blogs, including posts, comments, pages and uploaded media with support for full-text search, filtering and sorting.

What can you do with a Search API? You can explore the great content on TypePad,  power social media dashboards to track conversations and gain insight into what's happening now, build memetrackers, develop content analytics and much more!

Documentation and Additional Resources:
For more documentation and examples, go to the TypePad Developer Resources site and review the available documentation. Are you a developer or interested in working with other TypePad developers? Sign up with the TypePad Developer Network and join the conversation to get help or give us feedback on how we can continue to improve our APIs.


Carol Wilkerson

I think this is going to be a very valuable tool for all of us Typepad authors. Good work you guys!

The Handmade Project

This is great...will there be a layman's tutorial on how to add it to our blog?

Ted Slater

I tried tweaking the code I got from http://www.maidenlanedesign.com , but wasn't able to get it to work. I replaced the URL with our blog's URL, and that long string of letters and numbers with the one associated with our blog. This is the URL of the "action" for that form:


But that didn't work ...

Any thoughts?


I hope adding this feature to our blogs would be as easy as going to design > Contents> then select modules. :)

Nima Badiey


The API is primarily focused on developers and applications. Blog side search (like the little search box at the top of your blog page) will be available to everyone on TypePad in about two weeks. We're still baking that batch of cookies (updating the templates) to make sure everything works well before we launch search to everyone.

Today, you can search all of your blog posts from your compose dashboard. Go to your Blog dashboard, click on the "posts" tab and you should see a search box on the blue Post ribbon.

Happy Searching.

Nima Badiey

Hi Samjien

Blog side search will be available in about 2 more weeks. The API is primarily for developers.


Nima Badiey

Hi Ted

Blog side search will be available to all TypePad users in about 2 weeks. This announcement focused only on the external API to search TypePad via an API endpoint.

You'll be able to add search to your blog when we launch the updated templates in about 2 weeks.


Nima Badiey

Hi folks

One more thing to add - Blogside search is available to Beta users today. This offers an integrated search experience that uses our own internal search engine. It will be released to all TypePad users in about 2 weeks.

To become a TypePad Beta user, log into your TypePad acount, select "Account" > "Summary" > "Select" [Join Beta Team]. Microblog themes will automatically have the search module added to the template. For classic & theme builder blogs, go to Design > Content > Categories:Search > Search to drag and drop the module into your blog.

Need help? Open a Get Satisfaction ticket or reply to this post.

Biznes Daily

This is great news indeed.

Account Deleted

That is a important sSearch mode, I can not use a full range blog but it is so necessary too. Waiting with excitement.


Hello Nima,

Thanks for the note. If I'm going to join the beta team, won't there be any problems or changes with regards to my blog settings?

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