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TypePad for Dummies

In 2008 we were approached by some TypePad bloggers about the possibility of writing a "For Dummies" book for TypePad. Naturally we said - YES! Absolutely. If they were prepared to take on the gargantuan task of capturing all the secrets of this little application onto the printed page then who were we to stop them? We were pleased to offer the technical (and moral) support.

TypePad for dummies 3 To our delight Shannon Lowe and Melanie Nelson announced the arrival of the book on Amazon a few weeks ago. TypePad for Dummies is a comprehensive, up to the minute run through of all the great functionality TypePad offers.

The book also covers some of the practical blogging strategies that have served the authors so well, and some fine examples that will inspire even the most seasoned blogger. I enjoyed reading this book, and I confess to learning a trick or two myself.

So, if...

1) You are thinking about starting a blog

2) You know someone else who is starting a blog who might feel more comfortable with the instruction manual in their hand or

3) You have a nagging feeling your blog is not benefiting from everything TypePad has to offer

...then you can go here to buy this book.

Giveaway Time!

Alternatively, tell us what you would write your own "For Dummies" book about in the comments and we'll send our favorite responses a FREE COPY of TypePad for Dummies in the mail! We have 5 to give away.


Yes - if you spotted this contest on Facebook a few weeks - this is a re-run. It was so fun seeing everyone's ideas we decided to run it on Everything TypePad as well. Here are some of our favorites for inspiration

  • Driving for Dummies from Isabel Ginsberg of xoisabel
  • Cocktail Party Conversation for Dummies and the socially awkward from Karen Richter of the big 3 blog
  • Being a Superstar Mom and Still Looking Hot for Dummies from Keri Ann Berga of OutNumberedmomma
  • Building groovy sandcastles from Angela Walters. 

We'll announce the winners on Friday.



"Pretending to Be A Good Cook Well Enough to Fool Your Kids & Husband" for Dummies.

Claire Alcock

LOL! I hear re-plated take out served up with panache works a treat. Excellent suggestion Candy.

Barbara Shallue

Help! I'm 50! for Dummies, Perimenopausal Women and Others drifting into the midlife crazies.


"Dummy Books for Dummies"

The Franchise King

Here's Mine:

"How To Get Rid of Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death" For Dummies


I wish that book was published when I posted my first post ever on TypePad in September 2004!I could do with some help then!

Sue Mariconda

"Using a Cell Phone in Public" for Dummies

Christopher Ortiz

Keeping your cool when you walk into a spider's web, trip over a crack and other things that are seemingly invisible to everyone else.


"How to speak to Dummies, for Dummies"

Wanda G

How to drive in traffic for DUMMIES!!!
Have a great day all you fellow bloggers!


Litter Box Etiquette For Dummies

The book would be geared toward Feline readers, & would be for single Cat, multiple Cat, Cat & Other Critters (The variety that would have to be covered is too many to mention here.), homes, as well as haveing a special chapter to be read by those other critters, and a special chapter to be read by our Human Companions.

Nikita Cat

Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

Offishul Repurrter for The Cat Blogosphere

Lily Iris

<3 luv Typepad :) grab the books

A Twitter User

Eating Out as Much as Humanly Possible for Dummies

Kofla Olivieri

Bought the book a few weeks ago, I'm glad I did, it's been a lifesaver! :-)


Amen, Brother.

Jeff Korhan

Like Claire, I learned a few things from this book. And people that learn are not Dummies - but Smarties!

Here's a review of Typepad for Dummies I made last night for my small business audience: http://bit.ly/bjISAA

Account Deleted

How about, "How To Be A Congressman for Dummies"


Seconded :-D


How about Miss Manners meets Social Networking for Dummies"

Account Deleted

The book is excellent. Since I already bought it and read it, I'll give others a chance to win a free copy.

Hopefully there will come a day when documentation is well enough written and available so that people will neither feel like dummies nor feel a need to purchase such books.


Thank you David Simpson. I totally agree.
I help my husband, who happens to be an attorney, write and proof his briefs, and still have trouble wading through these computer issues.


The Kindle/iPad e-Book Battle for Dummies.

Stephanie - Child Care Savvy

"How to teach your two year old to keep his pecker in his pants for dummies."

Liza Elliott-Ramirez

It's more like for the smarties! Heck you can't know it all!


awesome! xD

Two-thumbs up!

Lisa at celebrate CREATIVITY

Bi-partisanship for dummies.


Keeping The Toilet Seat Down for Dummies


"How to not yell at your husband for asking you for the remote that's sitting in front of him while you're trying to send a help ticket to Typepad Support for Dummies."

This really happened the other day. LOL :)

Rose <3's typepad

Amy Fandrei

Such great ideas! @Bee - yours is an idea we are working on, actually. Thanks everyone for the participation and the interest in TypePad For Dummies! Amy Fandrei, Wiley Publishing

Claire Alcock

Oh boy - where do I sign!?

Claire Alcock

I hear you Wanda - watch Everything TypePad this week for traffic tools and tips I think you will like!:)

Claire Alcock

I would give this book to a local cat that regularly mistakes my deck for his litter box - he needs some serious etiquette help! Thanks Niquita

Claire Alcock

+1 Elizabeth!

Claire Alcock

This is a really great review from a TypePad expert - thanks Jeff.

Claire Alcock

Too true! We, the TypePad Team, are working on making the TypePad Knowledge Base as comprehensive and helpful as possible. However many people find having a book to hand suits the way they work a lot better. I know I have found it useful as a quick reference guide over the last few weeks.

Don't forget the TypePad support team are there to help TyepPad Pro users whenever they need it.

Claire Alcock

LOL - this really made us all laugh this morning! Thank you Stephanie :)

Brandon Freeman

Watching grass grow or alternatively watching paint dry for dummies!!


Dummies For Dummies! Take this one! I would sure appreciate this book!

Adam Nagy

Commuting on your Bicycle for Dummies

Chris Smith

"Mannequins for dummies" would have an obvious cross species appeal...or what about the zen like "Ventriloquism for dummies"


It's about time!
Thank you SO much! We are going to buy ours right now!

Matches Malone

All the ...for Dummies books that I would write have already been taken.... :)

How 'bout: Screenwriters' Meetings at Starbuck's for Dummies

Plural, simply because in LA, everyone IS a screenwriter :)

Laurie Mattaliano

I am the dummest of them all - I must win it!!!!!!!

Gillian Greding


Bruce Downs

Public Restroom Etiquette For Dummies

And I would give it to everyone that works in my office. I can't believe some of the stuff I see.

Lauren Dimet Waters

How to Navigate NYC sidewalks with a double-wide stroller for Dummies


How not to be an ass for Dummies.

Judy McGuire

How to put ads on your typepad blog for dummies. If I could figure this out, I could afford to buy the damn book!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

"Making Money by Blogging for Dummies" -- can't wait to win this book!


How to master Twitter, for Dummies

Bruce's Place

As a father navigating the mysterious process, I would suggest
"How to get your teenager into the Best college (for her/him) for Dummies"

Molly Cook

"How NOT to be Stupid...for Dummies"

Nan Beyer

How to deal with crazy people for dummies :)

a little red hen

An ancient among Typepad bloggers (at 76 years), I deserve a free copy to help me convince all the 50-something youngsters to get started. Looking forward, naomi


Oh, how I would love to see a "Paleography for Dummies"!
It'll never happen


"Shedding for Dummies - how to maximize your shedding capabilites and drive your humans crazy!" written by my long-haired cat who is losing about a pound of fur a day right now. :)

David Ramirez

"Etiquette on Public Transportation for Dummies." It would include such topics as: 1) When to give yourself a manicure...and, no, its not on the Muni; 2) How to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and someone is directly in front of you; and 3) What to do when people talk on the bus to no one in particular.

Profit Doctor

Organizing Your Social Networks For Dummies

Marlita H

Writing Dummies Books for Dummies

Bobbin Talk

"How to Win Anything for Dummies"
"My life as a Fashion Duh-mmie"
"How to Dummify Yourself for other Dummies"
"Dum-Dum-Da-Dum for Dummies"
"I can Keep Going for Dummies"... well that wasn't really a title!

LOL! Have a great week and good luck to everyone!! Or just to those five lucky people... Kidding of course! :)


How grooms can help plan a wedding without constantly pissing off your future wife....for dummies


Relaxation for Dummies; your guide on how to do absolutely nothing.

Stephen Carr

"How to tell the difference between an advertisement and something you SHOULD click for Dummies"

Profit Doctor

Mannequins, Puppets and Car Crash Dummies For Dummies

Lynn Fisher - Write Where I Am

The New Health Care 2010: the true and the imagined, for Dummies


"herding cats and dogs and children for dummies"

Jennifer Harris

I would love to have a "Politics for Dummies" - so much dramam these days and I really don't know what to think.

Account Deleted

In readiness for my vacation ....

"How to Pack & Dress to Get Through Airport Security for Dummies" as there's always someone .......

Stephen Carr

"Existentialism and Phenomenology for Dummies" that would be fun


I have already drafted a book entitled "How to be Smart, for Dummies".
The book provides basic common sense information about how to do things that sometimes trip people up in the maintenance of everyday lives. It is particularly good for those out of their own for the first time, but is a great reference for anyone who gets snagged on the basics, such as:
How to get a passport. How to cook twenty-one healthy and nutritious and savory meals on one burner. How to remove a wart. How to burp a baby. How to become rich painlessly over a lifetime? How to begin a saving plan? How to identify future collectables. How to identify posion ivy and how to treat it. How to reduce your chances of being victimized. Just good basic smarts. Best Regards, dw

Profit Doctor

Anatomy book called Gummies, Tummies and Bummies for Dummies.

Michael Janicke

"Gmail for Dummies"
Of course there's already "Google Apps for Dummies", but it's from 2008 (way back when). There are so many great features, I think Gmail deserves its own book.


How to save face when your kids repeat in public what you said in private for Dummies!! Oh my!


i have so many dummy needs i would not even know where to begin. how about a whole library for dummies with too many hobbies and an inability to say no to new projects?


Breastfeeding for Dummies: The Ultimate "How To" Guide for the Baby in your Life!...

Forgive me, but I do run a breastfeeding website & blog!

Mariella Gross

How to make it through a day in NYC with 2 Dollars - For Dummies.


How to live without Cable for Dummies

Jacqueline Bodnar

Dummies Guide to Seashells
Dummies Guide to Coastal Living

Raushanah Butler

Text Speak for Dummies

Raushanah Butler

The Ultimate Dummy Book for Dummies

Clarissa Romano

for my mother and I ~ How to navigate the Social Security and Medicare System book for old dummies!

WAM Golf

"Breaking Up for for Dummies"... How to end your relationship successfully.

Raushanah Butler

Teen Slang for Dummies

Gretchen "Boo" Rayburn

"Building the perfect sandwich for dummies"


How to Raise Toddlers and Keep Your Sanity for Dummies.... alas all the pages would be blank.....

Lydie Thomas

Since I have a travel blog, I would pick the title: How to travel with kids without losing your sanity.

Edwina Trout

Ventriloquism For Dummies

Mandy Gordon

Translating garbled fast food drive thru intercom conversations for Dummies! (especially during a rain storm - "Can I get an egg and cheese on a waffle!" "Ok, so sausage on a waffle hold the egg??")

Paula Brazzell

Cooking from Scratch Without Spending Hours in the Kitchen for Dummies


Would LOVE to win the book! I've been a blog follower of Shannon Lowe for a long time now and her blog was a main clincher for me in choosing Typepad when I started blogging!

stencil helen

Stencilling The Town Red for dummies..... and I so need this book.

Tom Selling

Working at home for dummies: how to use low-cost, web-based technology to have a successful career -- without commuting or dressing for success.

Carrine Langley

How to order a drink at Starbucks for dummies


"How to Dance on a Bar Without Falling Off For Dummies"

Not that it happens a lot at our place... :)

The Diet Guy

Crash Testing Cars For Dummies...

The Diet Guy

Not Being Clever For Dummies...

Karen DeVeaux

"How to Reinvent Yourself in an Empty Nest for Dummies"

Brian Hines

"Ordering an Expresso at Starbucks Without Sounding Like an Idiot For Dummies." Why saying "non-fat" rather than "skinny" and "extra large" rather than "Venti" can ruin your life, harm the planet, and make the coffeehouse pros standing in line behind you put their hands over their ears.

Will Clark

Test Crashes for Dummies. :)

Sally Keller

"WTF does not mean "wake the family" and other anagrams, textspeak, and clever abbreviations defined for Dummies..."

The Diet Guy

Remembering The Name Of The Children's Rubber Suckable Soother Things For Dummies...


How to be a Crash Test Dummy for Dummies

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