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TypePad for Dummies

In 2008 we were approached by some TypePad bloggers about the possibility of writing a "For Dummies" book for TypePad. Naturally we said - YES! Absolutely. If they were prepared to take on the gargantuan task of capturing all the secrets of this little application onto the printed page then who were we to stop them? We were pleased to offer the technical (and moral) support.

TypePad for dummies 3 To our delight Shannon Lowe and Melanie Nelson announced the arrival of the book on Amazon a few weeks ago. TypePad for Dummies is a comprehensive, up to the minute run through of all the great functionality TypePad offers.

The book also covers some of the practical blogging strategies that have served the authors so well, and some fine examples that will inspire even the most seasoned blogger. I enjoyed reading this book, and I confess to learning a trick or two myself.

So, if...

1) You are thinking about starting a blog

2) You know someone else who is starting a blog who might feel more comfortable with the instruction manual in their hand or

3) You have a nagging feeling your blog is not benefiting from everything TypePad has to offer

...then you can go here to buy this book.

Giveaway Time!

Alternatively, tell us what you would write your own "For Dummies" book about in the comments and we'll send our favorite responses a FREE COPY of TypePad for Dummies in the mail! We have 5 to give away.


Yes - if you spotted this contest on Facebook a few weeks - this is a re-run. It was so fun seeing everyone's ideas we decided to run it on Everything TypePad as well. Here are some of our favorites for inspiration

  • Driving for Dummies from Isabel Ginsberg of xoisabel
  • Cocktail Party Conversation for Dummies and the socially awkward from Karen Richter of the big 3 blog
  • Being a Superstar Mom and Still Looking Hot for Dummies from Keri Ann Berga of OutNumberedmomma
  • Building groovy sandcastles from Angela Walters. 

We'll announce the winners on Friday.


Account Deleted

How to turn your numb thumb into a green thumb for dummies :)

Kat's Place

"Communicating With Teenagers" for Dummies
Thanks for this chance to win the book.

Royce Epstein

I have a few:
1 - LOST for Dummies
2 - The Twilight Saga for Dummies
3 - LinkedIn for Dummies
4 - Indie Rock for Dummies
5 - Sustainability for Dummies
6 - Voice mail and Email etiquette for Dummies


Opening your mouth and not biting your tongue "For Dummies"

Brian Dann

I would write "Republicans for Dummies". Actually that could pretty much write itself.


Marrianna Dougherty

How white haired old ladies create a sexy blogs for dummies.

Carlin Saldanha

I would do detoxing for dummies- everyone loves the buzzword detox, but not too many people really know how to detox properly!

Leslie R. Lee

How to Write a Dummies Book for Dummies


As a 50-something, crazy busy mom of six and wanting to be a better blogger, I would write a "Learning to say NO" for Dummies because until I say "no" to some of the requests and demands in my life, I won't have time to get to my happy blogging place!

Brian Dann

Texting while driving for dum(lost transmission)

Brian Dann

Obstructing Health Insurance Reform for Dummies, Republicans, Whatever.

Brian Dann

Alcaholishm for Zshummies

Ron Starnes

politics for dummys because being dumb about polictics has been the problem for over 30 years. most people either don't vote or they just ignorant about who to vote for.

another would be understanding the constitution for dummys. if we had this one maybe we would not need the first one suggested

Brian Dann

Bongs for Duuuuuuuude, what was I saying?

Ron Starnes

you should write dumbass liberal or socialst or progressive or whatever you might call yourself to fool dummies


Denial for Dummies

Brian Dann

Whew! Thats Fuuuuuuuny. Man, hold on while I catch my breath!

Wait I got an other one:

Socialism for Republicans (because they dont seem to actually know what it is!)

Fox News for Dummies (Nah, thats just redundant)

Anne Hoff

I'd like to write Becoming a Better Human Being for Dummies. Contents to include "how to manage your nervous system to control anger and stress," "learning that it's not all about me," "having different points of view and still having something to say to each other," "taking personal responsibility in a world that blames," and "how to evolve as a species." Probably not terribly funny, but hopefully it would attract some readers!

Brian Dann

Procrastination for...I'll just post this tomorrow.


"Social Skills For Dummies: How to Engage IRL After Living Online"

Ron Starnes

did i hit a nerve. i am a right wing conservative constitutionalist(clinging to my guns and my religion) not a republican. the liberals and the rhinos have screwed this country up. you are on the titantic and the progressives havehit the iceburg and this ship will sink soonand you and others like you areprobably to stupid to know it. keep your shit i am notopening attachments.
have a nice day

To: ronstarnes@msn.com


How to Zone Out in the presence of a Narcissist for Dummies! Hey they won't even notice. LOL

"Choosing a Mate for Dummies: How to Spot a 'Bad Boy' a Mile Away"
"What's Up Doc for Dummies: How to Know When Your Doc Doesn't Know What Ta Heck He's (She's) Talking About - And How to Say "No" to Drugs, Radiation and Mutilation"

"Opening Your Mouth Without Inserting Foot for Dummies"

Account Deleted

In line at the checkout for Dummies!! Too many idiots!!

Lois Schuerman

How to make it to retirement without going insane due to the stupidity of your boss and co-workers.


With the recent news reports on the up-tick in gun sales I am sure we are going to need a "How not to accidentally shoot yourself or your loved ones for Dummies".

Laura Pinto-Nguyen

Patience for Dummies!!! I think I need a lot of tips in keeping my patience with people lately but mostly with my kids.


Or maybe, "Keeping Your Pecker in Your Pants for Congressmen Dummies."
(Forgive me, I couldn't resist.)


I should have said, ". . . For Congressmen and Athletes . . .".


LOL! That's a good one.


Hey, how'd you do that?


"What to say when your kids ask why you are always on the laptop for Dummies"


How to survive driving in Riyadh, KSA

Shane Schneider

Bowel Regularity for Dummies.


. . .not that there's anything wrong with that.

Colleen  Proctor

How about:

"Digestion for Dummies" (with a tip of the hat to friends with Colitis and Crohn's disease)

Or ....

"How To Enhance Your intelligence for Dummies"

Or ....

"Passive Aggression for Dummies"


"Chair Exercises for Dummies," written for the avid Typepad Blogger.


"How to keep your word after saying, 'I'll be off the computer in a minute' for Dummies."


"Skills for Making the Person Next to You Look Guilty When Your Cell Phone Rings During a Church Service for Dummies."


Yodeling for Fun and Profit for Dummies"


"Eat Food from My Kitchen and Still Go On to Live a Long, Productive Life for Dummies."


"Just Because I Don't Agree with You Doesn't Mean I'm Stupid for Dummies"


"Enduring Chinese Torture for Dummies" - How to get along with your in-laws.


"Pretending You have a Huge Blog Following When You Only Average Three Comments Per Post for Dummies."


"Get Out of Bed in the Morning Even When Your iPhone, iPad, and iBook are within an arm's reach for Dummies" (For all us Mac Dummies)

Shane Schneider

Tackling for Dummies.


"How to REALLY Read the 'Terms of Agreement' before clicking 'Accept' for Dummies."


"REALLY Read and Understand the 'Terms of Agreement' before clicking 'Accept' Without Hiring a Lawyer for Dummies"

Christina Manning

How to be the mom to 6 boys and NOT lose your mind... on most days.


Oops, didn't mean to post it twice. But I should have said, ". . . without a Lawyer or a Nap!"

The Diet Guy

www.fliptext.net ;-)

I think the book we need most is, "How not to be a Dummy for Dummies", that should sum it up right there, lol..


Wow, thanks!


"How to Follow Written Instruction for Dummies"


"Can You Tell I Really Want to Win this Book by the Number of Entries I've Offered for Dummies"???

Linens and Laurel

Relocating from the South to Vermont for Dummies, 'cuz you would have to be a dummy like us to do such a thing! Excellent idea for a blog and if I win the book, I'll do just that on Typepad which is an incredible challenge for me to use. And, of course, I will have to WIN because now that I live in Vermont, I'm broke!!!


Hi Krista,

You should check out Amazon for iPhone For Dummies, 3rd Edition, Facebook For Dummies, 2nd Edition, Social Media Marketing For Dummies, and Parenting For Dummies. I am so glad we are hitting the mark with titles that people need. Thank you!

Amy Fandrei
Wiley Publishing

Claire Alcock

And there's nothing quite like knowing that you don't know it all.

Ron Starnes

How to post a comment for Dummies
who are trying to get a free book from Typepad

Claire Alcock

That's OK Sinead - you can see you are not the only mommy/mummy in this thread - check out some of the profiles - clearly mommy's are a wise bunch with a ton of ideas they are keen to share.

Claire Alcock

Have you seen we can help with this too?


Thanks for the comment

Loren Bliss

How about "Understanding U.S. Politics for Dummies"?

Museum of Litter

Litter Prevention for Dummies...........

Alternative actions to ridding yourself of stinky, smelly butts (& other unwanted items) without flicking, flinging, or dropping.

Claire Alcock

LOL! Love this!


"Introducing Yourself to Your Neighbors Even Though You've Lived Next Door to Them for Going On Three Years and Have Said All But 10 Words To Them In Total ... for Dummies"

"Is The Creepy Guy At Work Who Stares At You Over The Cubicle Wall and Stands To Close To You In The Breakroom a Valid Prospect or a Potential Stalker ... for Dummies"

"Do These Pants Make My Fat A*s Look Fatter ... For Dummies"

"Feigning Ditziness in an Effort To Keep The Peace as an Alternative To Screaming "ARE YOU SERIOUSLY RETARDED YOU FLIPPING IDIOT?!" ... for Dummies"

"My Eight Year Old Just Told Me She Wants To Be Little Kim When She Grows Up; Should I Be Concerned? ... for Dummies"

and of course

"Tweeting for Twits"

Chichi Labamba

Asperger's for Dummies.


Also - Facebook Etiquette for Dummies

The Boot-Obsessed Eccentric

How to remain young at heart FOR DUMMIES!!!


Well, I bought it as I like the Dummies format. I was hoping for more on widgets, especially shop/retail.

Nice resource to have all in all.

Nancy Peden, Monterey, CA

Sandie H

I would write my Dummies book about

How to Get Work Done While Entertaining your Indoor Cat for Dummies

I have three of four cats attached to me at the hip. They keep following me wherever I go in the house. We seem to have a team that goes to the laundry room, back to the bedroom to fold it and put it away (and pull it out to play with it), into the library to pull out the computer (but they don't walk on the keyboard, that's one rule I've taught them), back to the kitchen for FOOD, into the living room to watch TV (they prefer Animal Planet). Plus I have to vacuum every other day to pick up all the fur. Perhaps I should change my book..

De-Furring your Home for Dummies

I would love a copy of the book. It is different to be able to see it in print than on the screen. How many times have we done something on the screen that when printed looks totally different? Perhaps it really should be:

How not to Make a Fool of Yourself on Facebook for Dummies

or Typepad for that matter. I'm going now.


Abstract Multivariate Topological Dynamic Quantum Analysis for Dummies

Account Deleted

Health care for Dummies

Rachael Sak

I'd go for "Women for Dummies" -- I just get tickled thinking about the 'Dummies' attachment on that. My first thought was "Men for Dummies" - but guess what that would make me? LOL


Account Deleted

How to Unite a nation for Dummies - man

Vanessa Smith, Wellness Coach & Intuitive

Husband housecleaning for Dummies


Hi dategirl! I work with the Publisher Services Team here at Six Apart Media. I can help get you set up in the Ad Program so you can start running ads on your blog and answer any questions you may have.

Let me know how I can help!

Account Deleted

"How to Text for Dummies"...I'm just no good at it...my daughter is always texting me..

Account Deleted

I'm really happy to hear that you wrote this book; but I wish you would have had it out sooner. I had to pay someone to build my blog for me! Pretty sad, I know!!! I think I deserve the book...
"How to Do it Yourself for Dummies"...lol

Account Deleted

How about "Facebook for Dummies"! They keep changing their site...it drives me crazy!

Karen McMillan,ACC, | YINpreneur

Jeff, thanks for your review. I'll call it "Deciding (if you want) to Buy TypePad for Dummies Made EZ" Claire, thanks for recommending we read.

Karen McMillan,ACC, | YINpreneur

Is there an "Eating Out as Much as Humanly Possible Without Gaining Weight for Dummies"? LOL

Account Deleted

How to Survive a Tech Support call for Dummies.

Carmen Gillis

Dog raising for "Dummies"

Lynn Fisher - Write Where I Am

funny... I don't have cable and never had, and you wouldn't believe how many people think that's impossible.

Lynn Fisher - Write Where I Am

LOL...or, Lake on Left.

Lynn Fisher - Write Where I Am

Wow...didn't know you could do that!

Lynn Fisher - Write Where I Am

Oh this one should SO win!


Extreme Political Rhetoric for Dummies.


We got it! We got it!
EVERYBODY on TYPEPAD needs this book!
It would have made things SO much easier back at the begining!
Thank you to everyone who made this gem possible!
Thank you
Thank you!

Werner Patels

Typepad for Dummies? I don't know much about coding or CSS, but I have to say that I've learned a lot about CSS since using Typepad a few years ago -- a valuable skill that shouldn't be underestimated.

While the book may certainly help some, I have to say that Typepad is so easy to use (compared with the complex coding and customizations required for Wordpress or Blogger) that one hardly needs a book, just a bit of trial and error, and it works.


Online Dating for Dummies


How to Put Make-Up on an 8 Year Old without Making Her Look Like a Hooker for Dummies

Bradley Gardner

Lying about your technical expertise in order to get a book deal, for dummies


Knifemaking for Dummies

Beth Russell

Be great assistance in blogging better.

Karen McMillan,ACC, | YINpreneur

Talking With Your Teen for Dummies: a handbook about listening ... and patience ... and breathing slooooowly.

(really helpful if you are the (loving) parent of a daughter (no matter how wonderful) in the high-hormone years) :-)

Karen McMillan,ACC, | YINpreneur

not quite blank. i see finger prints, torn pages (probably all over a room), crayon marks across your just-finished-hand-written-pages since they wanted to color it and make it pretty for you) ... LOL

Account Deleted

big and beautiful book, but the blog world out of control I'm afraid of what

Account Deleted

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