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TypePad for Dummies

In 2008 we were approached by some TypePad bloggers about the possibility of writing a "For Dummies" book for TypePad. Naturally we said - YES! Absolutely. If they were prepared to take on the gargantuan task of capturing all the secrets of this little application onto the printed page then who were we to stop them? We were pleased to offer the technical (and moral) support.

TypePad for dummies 3 To our delight Shannon Lowe and Melanie Nelson announced the arrival of the book on Amazon a few weeks ago. TypePad for Dummies is a comprehensive, up to the minute run through of all the great functionality TypePad offers.

The book also covers some of the practical blogging strategies that have served the authors so well, and some fine examples that will inspire even the most seasoned blogger. I enjoyed reading this book, and I confess to learning a trick or two myself.

So, if...

1) You are thinking about starting a blog

2) You know someone else who is starting a blog who might feel more comfortable with the instruction manual in their hand or

3) You have a nagging feeling your blog is not benefiting from everything TypePad has to offer

...then you can go here to buy this book.

Giveaway Time!

Alternatively, tell us what you would write your own "For Dummies" book about in the comments and we'll send our favorite responses a FREE COPY of TypePad for Dummies in the mail! We have 5 to give away.


Yes - if you spotted this contest on Facebook a few weeks - this is a re-run. It was so fun seeing everyone's ideas we decided to run it on Everything TypePad as well. Here are some of our favorites for inspiration

  • Driving for Dummies from Isabel Ginsberg of xoisabel
  • Cocktail Party Conversation for Dummies and the socially awkward from Karen Richter of the big 3 blog
  • Being a Superstar Mom and Still Looking Hot for Dummies from Keri Ann Berga of OutNumberedmomma
  • Building groovy sandcastles from Angela Walters. 

We'll announce the winners on Friday.



"word verification for dummies" seriously!

or "oxyMORONS for dummies"

but today being friday...

"embrace your inner procrastinator for dummies"

perfect, right??


I just received my copy today Claire, I can't wait to read it; all the topics look really great!
Thanks again.

Mark D. Pool, M.D.

Secrets of the Universe for Dummies or Where do all the unmatched socks go?

The Typepad Team

Congratulations! Profit Doctor - we voted this one a winner - will you email me your postal address at calcock at Sixapart.com?


The Typepad Team

Hi Liz! Congratulations! We voted your answer a winner!
If you send your postal address to calcock at Sixapart.com we'll arrange for it to be shipped. Thanks!


Claire Alcock

Hi Dan, we loved this suggestion and voted you one of the winners! Congratulation. Send me an email at calcock at sixapart.com and we will arrange for the book to be shipped. Thanks and well done!


Claire Alcock

Hi Michelle - we loved this suggestion and voted you as one of the winners! Congratulations. Send me an email at Calcock at sixapart.com and we'll arrange for the book to be sent. Well done!


Claire Alcock

Well done Sally - we voted this response as one of the winners. Congratulations. If you would like to send me an email at calcock @ sixapart.com we can arrange to have the book sent over! Claire


Account Deleted

"Planet Earth for Dummies"


Finally, I've bought the book! And it should be here in a few days. Even though I'm one of the oldest members on TypePad,I might just as well need the book, after all! Filakia xxxxx


Marxism for Dummies: facts must trump the sound bites

Firozali A Mulla

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Cooking Comfort Food and Still Look Like Jennifer Aniston for Dummies


Here's mine as well: "Coffee for Dummies"!

Mz. Niya

Geeky to say, but I just can't put it down.

Pam Levack

Making your grandchildren adore you without alienating their parents.

Pam Levack

How to get your husband to listen to you.


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