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Easy blogging with the Blog It bookmarklet and Google Chrome Extension


Kofla Olivieri

Excellent book, already bought a copy on Amazon, a must have book-guide! :-)

Account Deleted

This is great. I have to get one.

Karin Schmollgruber

Hey, There are a lot of scam threads on your discussion forum on Facebook, how about deleting them?


Claire Alcock

Thanks Karin - we'll do that. There are lots of really funny suggestions submitted for the For Dummies giveaway too - well worth a read. So pleased to see the activity on Facebook. All suggestions on making the TypePad Fan page on Facebook more fun are welcome.

Claire Alcock

I agree Kofla, it's a great reference. Especially if you don't have two screens in front of you to have the TypePad Knowledge base article open while you are working on something in the interface. Would love to hear what your for Dummies book would be on over on the facebook page - perhaps you can win a copy for someone else?

Account Deleted

As a newbie to TypePad, I was relieved to know a For Dummies guide was available. I'm almost thru reading, but sure I'll be referencing along the way, as my blog evolves. Thanks!

Kofla Olivieri

Claire, I am already following the Typepad page on Facebook. In all honesty, I stopped visiting because like Karin said, the page is flooded with spam ads. I'll check again later tonight for the book giveaway. Thanks

Shannan Sinclair

This is so awesome! Where was my copy 2 years ago when I was fumbling through Custom CSS and HTML??? Will have to pick my copy up to see what else I can do.

Ross Pipes I'm in the design phase and my mind is about blown. What a maize! I've got to get this book and try to find a map of how to actually get things done. It's a snap for Grandpa to cook, but blogging is a recipe that's hard to follow.


As nice as it is to have this book available as a helpful tool, I can't help but think that it wouldn't be necessary if TypePad would stop fiddling with the interface every year or so and force users to relearn the system from the ground up.
The 'new' system just gets more irritating to me every time I use it and I've had to switch back to the 'old' style just to find and use familiar things. Not a fan. Not at all.

Gordon Roqué

Awesome. Gonna get myself a copy and hopefully make my blog as wonderful as possible.

Thank you typepad team!

The Typepad Team

Thanks - Glad you like it! Good luck with a Platter of Figs! It's a goodie.


What Geo said. Quit fiddlin' already.


Please stop these posts and comments from appearing on my paid blog - I did not make a comment on this blog and resent having my paid for blog monopolized by commercials messages

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